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Water, Earth, and Strength — 3 Products to Help You Conquer Them All


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


We all have hobbies that we enjoy and take pride in; whether that's diving, working out, or being a lover of Mother Nature; we have products perfect for all. These innovative pieces were designed for you to look and feel your best:

Bring it on, Water

Have you ever jumped into a swimming pool and had a mini heart attack that your phone is in your pocket or you’re wearing a watch? This has likely happened to you even more than once! While most electronics get ruined when submerged, the new Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU from BALL Watch is made to be worn underwater, even up to 600 meters deep.

If you love an exciting underwater experience, this is the perfect accessory for you. Back in 2012, the BALL Watch Company released its very first divers’ watch. This watch is still on trend today while keeping up with new designs for the bezel and dial.

Safety has always been the forefront for the brand, and this watch is no different. The entirety of the piece has been designed to assist professional divers whose time is crucial when they are underwater. Precise measures were taken when ensuring that the rotating bezel and other contours work properly, even when the diver has gloves on. You won’t need to worry—this watch will help keep you safe.

Not only does it have innovative technology, but it's sleek for everyday wear! The Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU is made with a rubber strap, which is custom for all diver watches. It also comes with a stainless steel and titanium bracelet alongside it. You can customize your dial color—between blue, black, and the newest shade of gradient-blue.

The watch can measure and indicate an elapsed amount of time for up to 12 hours. Due to the watertight case, the watch is guaranteed 600 meters of depth, which is incredibly deep.

Photos courtesy of The BALL Watch Company


Fantasy meets Workout

These days, getting the motivation to workout seems next to impossible. Spending 45 minutes to get sweaty? No thank you. But we still want to look good and feel good, right? Crowned Athletics has made it easier to maintain a healthy routine by adding style to gym attire.

Working out and looking cute doesn’t always go hand in hand. But I know that wearing an outfit that I like makes me feel 10x better when exercising. Crowned Athletics has taken creative fitness clothing to the next level. If you have ever envisioned yourself as a Disney princess, you’ll love what they have in store.

Crowned Athletics crosses princess fantasies with athletic wear. Yes, you heard that right! This company creates Disney themed headbands, scrunchies, tank tops, and more! Rock your next workout with a comfy headband and a tank top that embodies the colors of your favorite princess. Between lace, bright colors, and intricate designs, you’ll be best dressed at the gym.

The built-in bra tanks are not only great for a workout but can be worn in any casual outing! They are made with spandex material for a comfortable and breathable fit. For those who like to coordinate their outfits, Crowned Athletics has you covered. You can pair your tank with a matching headband or scrunchie to complete the look.

Crowned Athletics wants to make workouts more enjoyable. Their products are designed to make you push through that 15 minutes of your iron pump. Working out doesn’t have to be a drag when you’re feeling your best. “Channel your inner heroine and imagine—What fitness goals can you accomplish when you ‘Wear Your Crown?’”

Photos courtesy of Crowned Athletics


Reconnect with the Earth by Wearing Sustainable Shoes!

Attention shopaholics and nature lovers, this ones for you! It is difficult to find shoes that are sustainably made and don’t make your feet hurt after a long day of wear. But we’ve finally done it! Raum Goods has created the perfect shoe—comfortable, stylish, and good for the Earth!

Raum Goods was created to provide comfort, help you feel closer to our planet, and enhance your connection with Mother Nature. Not only is this footwear fashionable, but it’s ethically made! These shoes are made from all-natural materials by skilled artisans in Southern Turkey. These artisans have been creating footwear for over five decades, so they are highly skilled in the art of shoe-making.

Raum Goods is combating their contribution to pollution by eliminating the use of steel-molds and harmful chemicals that are typically used within the footwear industry. The leather used for these comfortable shoes is from a bi-product of the food industry, and the soles are naturally vegetable-tanned, removing the use of chrome in the process.

In addition to reducing pollution, Raum Goods gives back to our planet! One percent of their yearly sales are donated to 1% For The Planet; it feels great to know that your shopping is contributing to the greater good of our environment.

The unique experience comes through the sole of the shoe, which is made from porous water buffalo leather. Every pair has a copper rivet hammered in the sole that touches the KD1 pressure point in the foot—this will help center you to the Earth directly. The leather of the shoe will also mold to the shape of your foot over time! This innovative shaping leads to better posture overall.

Earthing shoes are becoming more and more popular. With the world we live in today, the least we can do is give back to our planet. After all, it’s the only home we have. So let’s take care of it together—in style!

Each of these products were developed with their consumers in mind. BALL Watch, Crowned Athletics and Raum Goods are brands that care about the products they are putting out into the market. If any of these items appeal to you, be sure to check out their websites for more information.

Photography by Raum Goods


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