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Print Exclusive: Welcome to Hampton House!

Exclusive Interview with Brittany Hampton by Lisa K. Stephenson

Welcome to Hampton House! From House of DVF winner to fashion innovator, Brittany Hampton is not letting up as she continues to give fans a cool glimpse into her every day, culinary filled lifestyle. A free spirit with an eye for fashion, Hampton is on the move as she showcases her many talents from the kitchen to the sketches for her new clothing line, Color by Virtue. “Color by virtue is my baby,” says a whimsical Hampton. “The concept was built during a time I was finding myself again.

I was at a place of not realizing my worth and validating my excellence and found myself losing touch within the woman I was becoming. So, I had to find my Color, in my Virtue! Right now, it’s on hold because I wanted to make sure I created a line with a true purpose. I finally found it so the viewers are going to be excited for what’s to come!” We couldn’t agree more. The all-white designs outlined meticulously along its social media page is most certainly a positive representation of Ms. Hampton herself.

The journey for Brittany to fashion involves a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2011, shortly after, she became the first in-house stylist at MTV Networks for Nickelodeon in 2012 as the consultant and Head Stylist for Nickelodeon nationwide. With so many huge accomplishments under her belt, Hampton credits her grandmother as her greatest inspiration.

“She was a designer and taught me everything about designing and modeling. She will continue to be my daily inspiration to finish her story.” Synonymous with crediting her grandmother for inspiration, Hampton recently made it her duty to give back to a community of fans and small business owners, who no doubt may consist of a group of women Brittany inspires daily.

From her edgy street style to the classy looks she frequently sports via her social media; her journey is captivating and #Donate1Post amid the COVID-19 pandemic still has many talking. We asked the multi-faceted creative to share how her involvement all got started, “A mutual friend of ours, Sarunus J Jackson introduced me to Martin Ekechukwu and immediately contacted me regarding #Donate1Post and I said YES with no hesitation. In a time like this, I truly value companies that are supporting small businesses and as someone that is creating my own...

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