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What Can a Guy Wear to Turn a Girl On?

by Molly Cohen

What a guy wears plays a huge part in getting a woman’s attention. It’s no secret that women are attracted to men who care what they look like and put effort into their appearance. Your outward appearance can make or break a first impression. Looking put together on the outside is attractive to women, as it gives the idea that he is put together on the inside too.

Women have their favorites, just like men do, when it comes to clothing and what they like to see guys wear. This post will show you ten options on what a guy can wear to catch a woman’s eye, whether he is walking down the street or out on a date. These options will be sure to add a little sex appeal to your normal day-to-day wardrobe!


The tuxedo effect we have all heard of is real. A well-fitted suit is a universal way to a woman’s heart. Dressing up makes a statement and can catch someone’s attention. If you’re in a relationship or it’s the first date, date night is the perfect opportunity to try out a nice suit. Fitted suits are also perfect for leaving that lasting impression that will make her say wow. The fit of clothing is very important. Baggy clothing will turn off women, when a nice fit will flaunt your body and best features, impressing women on the very first look.

Of course, not just any three-piece suit will do. To truly wow a woman, you have to give some thought to the outfit you want to wear. Unless the situation calls for it, do not go for anything wacky as it might come out as tacky instead. Rather, think along the lines of classy men’s designer clothing. It does not have to be haute couture-like those flaunted on high-fashion shows. Opt for bespoke suits that make you look and feel good.

When dating a girl some nice accessories are important. These delicate details are magnified when two people are very close together. A beautifully custom belt buckle will show your attention to detail and your unique taste. If you wear a decent outfit with a delicate belt buckle it will be very attractive to girls.


Pink or other feminine colors are attractive to women because, on the contrary, it shows your masculinity. White polos, or a light pink button-down under a fitted suit, is the perfect way to show your softer, more sensitive side. Baby pink is sexy and is the new black for men. Rolling up your sleeves if you’re wearing a long sleeve is also a super sexy turn-on for women. It brings some relaxation to an otherwise formal shirt.


No one can go wrong with this classic wardrobe piece. Putting on a long-sleeve button-down shirt for a date is an automatic turn-on. It’s a great and versatile piece you can dress up or dress down. A button-down shirt is not too casual, but it’s formal enough to look put together and dressed for the occasion. Wearing one gives you the unique opportunity to flaunt your gains from the gym, especially when you roll up the sleeves. A button-down is sure to make heads turn when you enter the room!


Add a nice watch after rolling up those sleeves! A nice watch is not only sophisticated but shows some of your style and flare. Women also love the attention to detail that men put into their outfits. Dressing like yourself is important to achieving success with these tips. You have to add your personal touch to each of these items, so you’re comfortable and have confidence. If you’re on a date, you don’t want to be pulling out your phone to check the time. That’s why a watch is a more polite option and the more stylish one too!


What you wear on your feet is also a very important aspect of attracting women and getting their attention. Shoes are the first thing women notice if they are evaluating your style. A stylish shoe can catch a woman’s eye, when the opposite, can be off-putting and even lead to assumptions based on what you’re wearing on your feet. A pair of nice leather shoes are a staple to add to your wardrobe that can be dressed up and down. A pair of stylish sneakers that can also be worn with nicer outfits is also another shoe women love on men.


A signature scent is crucial to catching the eye of a woman and making a lasting impression on a first date. Sometimes scent signals overpower visual signals and prove to be more important when the chemistry is forming. If a woman is not attracted to your scent, the chemistry and connection are going to be off and she will notice it too. Fragrance allows you to form this connection with others and can often be a key indicator of our personalities.


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Sweaters are the perfect lightweight option that can be dressed up or down. Cashmere shows a guy’s sensitive side through his style. Cashmere can be expensive but will last a while in your closet. This is the perfect addition for winter weather and colder days. V-neck styles are also very attractive and flattering. V-necks are versatile and give you an athletic appearance. Also go for a sweater with a collar, like a quarter or half-zip pullover. They’ll give you that comfy and laidback vibe!


Well-fitted khakis are another attractive and versatile piece to wear. Women love men in khakis because it gives off a preppy vibe. Pair them with a collared shirt, a nice watch, and some stylish sneakers to achieve this perfect preppy look. Finding pants that fit well can be a real struggle. Try out all sorts of brands and styles to find the right pair that will attract that special someone. Don’t forget to add a nice belt and match it to the color of your shoes.


According to most women, boxer briefs are the sexiest type of underwear a guy can wear. They’re super flattering and comfortable. Achieve that 90s Mark Wahlberg look and be sure to get a woman’s attention.


Sunglasses and readers are both super sexy to women. For specs, go with a thicker frame that gives you that modern look. A bolder shape is sure to catch someone’s eye. For sunglasses, go with an aviator shape. This style is timeless and proven to be the most attractive to women. Take inspiration from an 80s favorite, “Top Gun” with this style.


Not a physical item, but confidence goes a long way with turning a woman on. Self-confidence is attractive and sexy to women. It tells a woman you’re sure of yourself and in return, sure of her. A lack of confidence is one of the first things a woman can notice during a conversation. To add to this, don’t forget to have a great smile. That means practicing good dental hygiene and care. There is nothing more of a turn-off to women than bad teeth or bad breath and that makes for a bad smile.


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