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What Is a Mother?

by Harley Miller

Motherhood is a gift that for many women is regarded as bringing forth the best moments in their lives.

Watching their children grow up, learning about them, and having the honor of sharing a life where their kids express gratitude for their adaptability and kindness. A mother’s strength is not easily replicated, which is why Mother’s Day is so heavily celebrated across the country. What does it mean to be a mother? While this definition can be subjective, it is a female parent or woman who gave birth to a child.

Sometimes, however, a mother can be a female role model who has taken on the responsibility of raising a child. For some children, their “mother” is a distant relative, a family friend, a Godmother… it is the person whom they have come to respect, cherish, and love for the sacrifices they have made on their behalf.

Mothers are revered for their ability to not only birth their children but also handle labor pains, post-partum depression, and even hormonal imbalances. Pregnancy changes many women, from hair loss to weight gain and everything in between, so carrying a child for 9+ months is no easy feat and worth celebrating each and every year as we typically do. Mothers are known for having:


A good mother embodies unconditional love for her children, accepting them for who they are and supporting them through both their triumphs and challenges. This love provides a stable foundation for children to grow and thrive. I remember watching this film, ‘Four Good Days,’ starring Mila Kunis and Glenn Close, and being brought to tears by the story.

I recommend giving this movie a watch on Mother’s Day so I won’t spoil it—the overall synopsis is that a heroin addict must stay clean for four days to qualify for a monthly shot of an opioid antagonist. While it sounds simple enough, the acting and storytelling are immaculate, and both Kunis and Close deliver outstanding performances.


Patience is a vital quality for mothers, as raising children often requires dealing with tantrums, setbacks, and difficult phases. A patient mother remains calm and composed, offering guidance and support even in the most trying situations. We’re all human, and life can get the better of us at some point or another, but a good mother will go through things without placing additional stress on their children. It’s good to be generous towards your mother because while she may appear strong, she’s likely putting on a brave face in an effort to not worry her children. Reciprocate patience and reward her with understanding.

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