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What Services are Most Valued by Guests in Dubai’s Serviced Apartments: Understanding Key Amenities for Travelers

by Elden Hawke, Sponsored Posts

As Dubai continues to become one of the top global destinations, the demand for comfortable and convenient accommodations has increased.

With the rise in tourism and business travel, guests are continuously looking for places that offer more than just a bed to sleep in. Travelers often value comfort and accessibility to key destinations when staying in apartments. Many travelers have found this comfort and accessibility in serviced apartments in Dubai for monthly rent and have had perfect experiences while residing in them.

Additionally, guests are looking for exceptional service that promises exclusivity, whether that means breathtaking views from their windows or being steps away from the city's most illustrious attractions. Moreover, having access to leisure and wellness facilities on-site significantly enhances the overall experience of their stay.


When selecting a serviced apartment in Dubai, guests prioritize location and transportation links to key destinations. Proximity to business hubs, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and leisure facilities is highly valued.

  • Business travelers often look for apartments in or close to the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), ensuring they have straightforward access to their meetings and corporate events.

  • Tourists prefer residing near major attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and historical neighborhoods such as Al Fahidi.

Public transport also plays an important role in providing value to tourists when they visit Dubai. Guests appreciate serviced apartments offering easy access to Dubai's efficient public transport network, including the Metro, Tram, and Bus services. Additionally, entertainment and leisure accessibility for guests interested in nightlife and culinary experiences, and proximity to vibrant areas like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is important.

On the other hand, a serviced apartment close to supermarkets and convenience stores is a significant plus, as it simplifies day-to-day living for guests. Finally, guests also consider the safety of the neighborhood, often choosing serviced apartments in well-regarded and secure areas. Serviced apartments that seamlessly integrate these elements guarantee a comfortable and convenient stay for guests, catering to their desire for a "home away from home" experience.


Dubai's serviced apartment sector understands the allure of a captivating view and the importance of a distinguished neighborhood. Guests often prioritize staying in areas that offer both aesthetic pleasure and exclusivity.

  • The World Islands: A collection of various islands shaped into the continents of the world. Guests here can enjoy a sense of isolation and privacy mixed with extraordinary views of the surrounding Persian Gulf. The neighborhoods on these islands are known for their high-end lifestyles, complete with luxury amenities.

  • Emirates Hills: Synonymous with luxury, Emirates Hills is a gated community known for its green spaces and mansions. Apartments here overlook landscapes and stunning golf courses, providing an escape from the loud city life.

  • Palm Jumeirah: Renowned for its iconic palm tree shape, Palm Jumeirah offers serviced apartments with ocean views and a world-class waterfront lifestyle. It's not just the view but also the neighborhood’s upscale atmosphere that draws in guests.

These neighborhoods highlight the importance of exclusive areas and scenic views in improving the guest experience at Dubai's serviced apartments.


In Dubai, the charm of serviced apartments often lies in their strategic locations, providing easy access to major attractions and transport hubs. Dubai Marina stands out as an area where visitors can savor a waterfront lifestyle, with the Arabian Gulf's ambiance as a backdrop.

  • Downtown Dubai is the city's vibrant center, where guests find themselves minutes away from architectural wonders like the Burj Khalifa and retail stores such as Dubai Mall. These regions also boast proximity to Jumeirah Beach, offering sweeping views and a luxurious getaway.

Public transport availability, particularly the Metro, adds value to serviced apartments in these areas, ensuring that guests have the convenience to explore with ease. The close proximity to Business Bay caters to the needs of business travelers, who can navigate the corporate landscape efficiently.


When travelers choose to stay in Dubai's serviced apartments, they often value access to leisure and wellness amenities that can enhance their experience. In the busy city of Dubai, guests seek comfort and relaxation, as well as opportunities to maintain their health-conscious lifestyles.

Wellness Options: Catering to the wellness traveler, many serviced apartments in Dubai offer on-site facilities, including fitness centers and spas.

  • Gymnasiums

  • Steam rooms

  • Jacuzzis


When traveling to a city like Dubai, guests often desire the balance of luxury and the familiar comforts of home. Apartments in Dubai aim to fulfill this need by providing a collection of home-like amenities coupled with the convenience of hotel services.

  • Fully Furnished Spaces: This essential aspect of serviced apartments is highlighted by the blend of hotel-like services and home comforts, which include stylish, complete furniture sets, sophisticated décor, and appliances that facilitate a convenient stay.

  • Kitchen Facilities: Guests appreciate the availability of fully equipped kitchens.

  • Laundry Amenities: The privacy and ease of having in-room washers and dryers are highly valued. It adds a layer of convenience for travelers keen on maintaining their routine or reducing the cost associated with laundry services.

  • Entertainment Options: High-speed internet and premium television packages are standard. This ensures guests stay connected and entertained during their downtime.

Guests thus have access to health and recreational activities within the comfort of their temporary residence without needing to navigate the city for such experiences. The importance of these comfort features cannot be ignored, as they provide a sense of normality and personal space necessary for a satisfying stay.

In Dubai, guests place high value on a blend of comfort, convenience, and cost-efficiency when choosing serviced apartments. Preferences depend on in-unit amenities, including steady WiFi, parking, and laundry facilities, mixed with value-added services such as concierge, 24-hour reception, and housekeeping. For those planning extended stays, these factors collectively offer a residential experience that competes favorably with traditional hotel accommodations, tailored to the diverse needs of modern travelers.


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