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Why Has Sex Become So Meaningless?

by Anne Berkley

Stepping into the 21st century, often hailed as the era of technology, I can't help but ponder on the conspicuous shift in dynamics—the age of the wasted "V." In our tireless pursuit of power, women find themselves conforming to beliefs often shaped by the opposite sex. It raises the question: Has the "V" become a mere page to turn in the vast book of options, akin to the fleeting trends in fashion magazines like Vogue?

In this seemingly male-dominated world, one might argue that our "V" merely resides in it. The dance of romance unfolds predictably: A man declares he isn't ready for a relationship; the woman, on the contrary, expresses her readiness. Firm in his decision, the man becomes the wall, and the woman, in classic fashion, attempts the conquest—trying to change his mind, win his heart, and capture his feelings.

It might sound ludicrous, but as humans, we're wired to desire the unattainable, a basic facet of human nature. The inaccessible, the challenging, the unattainable—all carry a certain allure. We all, to varying degrees, crave things of value, tangible or otherwise.

Yet, here lies the conundrum. When does the value of a non-committed woman diminish, and her power wane during the courting phase? It happens during conformity.

It is in this period that the "V" transforms into the new Vogue—a book of pages glued together, bound in covers, an option available to all of mankind, with or without a subscription.

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Vogue, a venerable institution with 123 years of consistency, provides us with the latest in fashion, beauty, celebrity, art, and lifestyle shows. Published monthly in twenty-three editions by Conde Nast, it is effortlessly accessible to anyone. We appreciate Vogue and all it has done, but where is the appreciation for the woman?

Allow me to introduce The Un-gettable Girl—an archetype characterized by sophistication, proficiency in heartbreak, and, of course, being un-gettable. Her "V" is not the new Vogue; it doesn't come without a subscription. Month after month, year after year, she exceeds her partner's romantic expectations, ensuring his subscription renewal on a yearly basis.

The un-gettable girl stands unwavering in her beliefs, comprehends the essence of compromise, yet refuses to relinquish her power by attempting to alter the mindset of an emotionally unavailable prospective partner. While Vogue is beautiful, insightful, and sought after, it lacks the essence of being un-gettable, unforgettable, and elusive. Consequently, it finds itself just another book on the shelf—a fate shared with the "V" residing in the world of a man.


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