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Brand Overview:
The World's Relationship Authority

The founding of She’s SINGLE Media’s leadership and authority is the brand’s unique role as a cultural barometer for a global audience. She’s SINGLE Magazine places relationship, social and African American women in the context of culture—how we view ourselves as women, live and socialize; who we date, childhood trauma that are not addressed, listen to and watch; who leads and inspires us. She’s SINGLE Magazine immerses itself in relationships, always leading readers to what can happen next. She’s SINGLE Magazine defines the culture of relationships. Ad design included in list price.

Median Age: 36 
Female Readers: 88.6% 
Average HHI: $58,000 
Available Markets:
New York Circulate/ Audience: 25,000/248,000 
Philadelphia Circulation/Audience: 10,000/24,000 
Chicago Circulation/Audience: 2,500/20,000 
Atlanta Circulation/Audience: 2,500/22,000 
California Circulation/Audience: 10,000/100,000

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