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Founder Lisa K. Stephenson and Co-founder Jesse Wilson are dedicated to She’s SINGLE Media. The pair have been working together for over 10 years. Lisa is a regular contributor to UpJourney, Westchester Magazine, and About Insider. She’s SINGLE Media, a subsidiary of ASIAS Brands is now home to She’s SINGLE Magazine and CERKIT TV.

With an expert view into all areas of a successful product launch and brand growth marketing experience with She’s SINGLE Magazine, as well as the television show, She’s SINGLE New York, She’s SINGLE Media by ASIAS Brands formerly known as Kombination Kouture Company was launched in 2012.

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Their new venture, She’s SINGLE Magazine quickly garnered over 102,000 subscribers upon launching in January 2020. With that came a network of 500+ small businesses due to the high demand for their all-purpose media system: advertising, modeling agency, features, product placements, and public relations all in one. Clients continue to receive features from media outlets such as Essence, People, Parenting, Fox News, and more. Their public relations team will help you save thousands of dollars by partnering with models, photographers, hair and makeup artists all from The BOLDNetwork


Securing magazine features, network TV coverage – along with YouTube influencer coverage – and blogs not only takes time and persistence, but it also takes a true media maven to build a bridge between your brand and the media. She’s SINGLE Media has a proven strategy to get you placement in She’s SINGLE Magazine to begin generating “buzz” around your brand and product. One begets the other and while other public relation agencies contact us to secure placement for their clients, as our client, your placement is guaranteed. As our client, you receive instant credibility, brand awareness, and much more.

Acquiring press is not only an important investment in your business, it’s the number one way for a brand to build third-party credibility and establish proof of concept and longevity which is a game-changer to the consumer, retail buyers, and future investors.

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