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Red Balls of Fire

Winter's Tulips

Before Covenant, Troy Redding (Covenant: The Sister Series Compilation 'Big Red') was the athletic, unyielding police officer working the night shift for the one and only Southampton Town Police Department. A dope dealer turned police officer, he relocated his family for a chance to start a new life. One night, he meets Winter, a benevolent prostitute looking for a way out of the business, fearful of a menacing figure named Monty Hillman.

When Big Red grows infatuated with Winter, he learns there is more to her, linking to his past. But as things seem to calm and Winter finds herself living and exploring a new life as a polyamorist, a jealous Big Red keeps a close eye on the desirable dame. That is until an abrupt death brings about a town catastrophe no one could have prepared for. Big Red is now determined to catch a killer, placing them behind bars. But with a slew of lovers and no leads, will Big Red find the culprit, avenging an undisclosed lover?

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