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She’s SINGLE magazine is known for its articles about intimacy and independence. The magazine’s articles offer information about the girl next door, THERAPYtalk and jazz for the millennials as well as our adult and children’s literature overhaul. We are taking news to the forefront and breaking down barriers as a group because as women, we are losing our power in relationships--from staying in a union with a man who has cheated to staying with a man while tolerating physical abuse. It is a bold conversation we look to ignite, not only offering a safe haven to women but a sisterhood! You’re never too old to find new love, the RIGHT KIND OF LOVE.


“Love is not measured by how many times you can forgive him for cheating. Ride or die days are OVER!” says author Lisa K. Stephenson. You’re the celebrity here at She’s SINGLE and we’re here to guide you along your journey of achieving independence and helping you to adhere to the standards you’ve set for yourself. One F*** boy at a time…Embrace your singledom by learning to put yourself and your needs first!

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A Wonderful Look Inside the Life of Novi Brown!
The Women and the Actress Talks Self-Love, Timing, Astrology and Vulnerability Among Black Women.

words by Megan Sheckells and photographs by MariahTyes

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