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Cardi B's New Song, 'Like What' Is an Interlude With Multiple Writers: What Happened to Hip Hop?

by Diamond Brown

Cardi B, the chart-topping rapper and actor, surprised fans with the release of her latest song, "Like What," which made its debut at midnight on Friday, March 1st.

Image Credit: Shareif Ziyadat | Getty Images

In this track, Cardi B samples the 1999 classic, "She's a Bitch," by the iconic Missy Elliott, infusing her signature style into the revamped version. However, as fans tuned in to listen, they couldn't help but notice striking similarities between "Like What" and Cardi B's previous hit, "Bongos," featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Both songs share a similar rap style and vibe, prompting speculation among fans about the timing and intention behind the release of "Like What."

One prevailing theory among fans is that "Like What" may have been recorded years ago and strategically released to coincide with significant events, such as the kickoff of Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday 2 tour in Oakland, California, on the same day.

The longstanding feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, which famously culminated in a heated altercation where Cardi B threw a shoe at Minaj during an event, has kept fans intrigued and speculating about potential rivalry between the two rap icons. Although both artists have exchanged subtle jabs on social media since the incident, the release of "Like What" has reignited discussions about their dynamic and possible competition.

Despite Cardi B's efforts to deliver another hit, initial reactions to "Like What" have been mixed. Some fans expressed disappointment, questioning whether the song lives up to Cardi B's previous chart-topping successes. Additionally, fans noted that "Like What" credited a total of nine writers, excluding Missy Elliott and Timbaland, the original creators of the sampled track. This raised eyebrows and led to speculation about the necessity of such a large writing team for a 120-second song.

Furthermore, fans also observed that Cardi B's husband, Offset, directed the music video for "Like What," raising questions about the dynamics within Cardi B's creative team and her label's involvement in her projects.

Some wondered whether the label's decision to involve Offset in the music video was a strategic move to lower advertising costs or to help Offset transition into a new sector of entertainment. Critics argue that a song of this length should not require a large team of writers and producers, suggesting that the collaborative process may have contributed to the perceived dysfunction in the final product.

Ultimately, while "Like What" showcases Cardi B's unique style and energy, it falls short of expectations for some listeners. The song's similarities to "Bongos" and the involvement of multiple writers and producers have left fans questioning the authenticity and creativity behind Cardi B's latest release. As Cardi B navigates the complexities of fame and artistic expression, she faces mounting pressure to deliver hits that resonate with her audience and solidify her status as a rap icon.

In conclusion, while Cardi B's "Like What" may have generated buzz upon its release, it has also sparked discussions about the state of creativity and authenticity in the music industry. As fans eagerly await Cardi B's next move, one thing is clear: she will continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and leave her mark on the world of hip-hop. Whether "Like What" stands the test of time remains to be seen, but Cardi B's influence and impact are undeniable.


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