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Chloé Adadi Signs Music Management Deal with Branndet Marketing Group

Lead Vocalist, Fiona Gold Series Soundtrack, 'Hello' by Diamond Brown The twenty-year-old pop and R&B singer has announced her new agreement with Branndet.

Image Credit: Chloé Adadi, Instagram

Chloé Adadi will release her first single as part of the Fiona Gold Series: Book 1 Soundtrack on September 19, 2024, titled ‘Hello’. This poignant track delves into Fiona’s feelings of rejection and her quest for acceptance, singing, ‘hello’ is there anyone who can accept me and where can I find happiness? This single is melancholic yet hopeful, reflecting the tension between her hybrid nature and the desire for belonging.

As part of her new music management agreement, Chloé will have access to the company’s global services, ranging from distribution and radio promotion to marketing. Chloé has full ownership of her masters and publishing for any new music she creates outside of the Fiona Gold soundtrack. Chloé, who is now solely managed by Branndet, will have full control of her music releases.

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“This is the start of a new journey with a new team to help bring my dreams to reality. I am excited for new management and the ability to grow and develop as a global artist,” said the Florida native. Known for her quirky videos and posts on Instagram and TikTok, Chloé loves the beach and sunbathing, which ties into the story of Fiona Gold. Fans of the soundtrack and Chloé Adadi can refer to themselves as the ‘seashells’.

This announcement comes on the heels of Chloé’s recent agreement with Tesoro Models—a prestigious modeling agency for luxury brands. Not only does Chloé Adadi show promise as a new and upcoming artist, but working with Branndet and attending artist boot camp under the teaching and guidance of Basketball Wives’s Royce Reed, Adadi is ready for the hard work to begin. “Adadi is not just a superstar in the making, she’s a personality that is a dose of fresh air. She’s down to earth, funny, relatable, and actually talented,” says CEO and Founder of Branndet Marketing Group, Lisa K. Stephenson. “We cannot wait for the world to experience Chloé Adadi.”

At Branndet Marketing Group, there is a plan in place for Chloé Adadi, and it starts with a soundtrack with pop and R&B tracks that are sure to take the world by storm. Chloé is set to begin working on her choreography with Royce Reed this fall. Q1 2025 performances will include festival lineups, opening acts, and much more! Following her current success, Branndet is proud to be aligned with Chloé on this journey and they’re supporting her every step of the way.


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