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Exclusive: ‘Xscape's’ R&B Singer, Tamika Scott

Interview by Stephanie E.

Tamika Scott, the renowned American actress, R&B singer, and songwriter sat with us here at She's SINGLE to give us the latest on her newest single with Hip Hop sensation, Method Man.

She gained fame as a member of the popular group Xscape during the 1990s. Their debut album, "Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha," released in 1993 under So So Def/Columbia, received a positive response from the audience and earned Platinum certification.

Throughout her career, Tamika has collaborated with prominent artists and worked with various record labels, including Twenty-Two Recordings, Brolic Entertainment, and So So Def Recordings. Xscape's second album, "Off the Hook," released in 1995 under the same label, also reached the top of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. With numerous successful performances, Tamika Scott continues to shine in the music industry and on-screen.

SSM (1): Good afternoon, Tamika. How are you? Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. She's SINGLE Magazine is all about the empowerment and forward movement of women.

With that said, we'd like to take it back a few steps... Where are you from, and how did you get your start in music? Can you share with us some of the inspiration behind your sound? From the 90s until now, your music has been slow R&B, and your vocal abilities are remarkable. Have you ever considered stepping out of the mold, perhaps towards Gospel, since you began your musical journey in the church?

Tamika Scott: I grew up on R&B and gospel, so they are ingrained in my bones. When I sing, it's always from my heart, and I find myself connecting with my emotions on a deep level. Similarly, when I sing gospel, I'm not only singing from my heart, but I'm also singing to the Lord. I commune with God all the time, and I feel like that's our private time together. He gave me this voice, and I use it in prayer and in song. While I'm not sure if I'll release a gospel album, I know that God hears me.

SSM (2): What is it like being on tour with the group Xscape, both then and now? Can you share some tips you use to help keep yourself grounded and focused?

Tamika Scott: You know, we've been blessed to be in this business for over 30 years! We started touring as kids, and I'll never forget the excitement—it was a dream come true. We used to eat junk food and stay up all hours of the night. Now, we're still selling out venues, but we bring our families on tour with us—sometimes there are literally generations backstage. We have kids, parents, husbands—extended family. And the food is healthier now, lol. I can't tell you how much I love my group. We know each other inside and out—we are family.

SSM (3): You're set to star in the upcoming film 'Christmas Ringer' on BET+. How did you prepare for your role as Cherise, and what similarities or differences do you have with the character?

Tamika Scott: I received a phone call from Keith Neal, the producer at Swirl Films. Originally, Keirra Sheard was supposed to star in the role, but she fell sick and couldn't make it. They then gave the role to another gospel singer, but she also fell ill on the day of the shoot.

So, Keith called me, and I had to literally step in that day. I was on my way to see my daughter, but I turned the car around. I had to pull clothes for three scenes since the other girl was taller than me. I grabbed a bunch of clothes from home based on the character's requirements. They gave me the script, and I learned it on the spot. I shot my scene that day, went home, studied it, and returned the next morning.

The character, Cherise, is unpleasant because she's insecure and leads with her ego. As the lead singer of the choir, she's resistant to change, and her jealousy gets the best of her, leading her to quit in protest. However, she later returns with a humbler spirit, becoming a true credit to the choir and becoming close friends with Nicole.

The lesson here, and it's an important one, is to be open and understand that everyone is important. Everyone counts, and we should all be kind. Don't block your blessings by being nasty or dishonest. God will humble you, and I try to remember that.

SSM (4): What are some of your most memorable experiences on the road, movie set, or in your career overall?

Tamika Scott: I still get a thrill on tour—especially when the venue is sold out, and everybody is singing our songs. I can’t tell you how much that moves me because I know we’re all reminiscing. We’re reliving memorable moments while creating new ones. I’m so excited about the movie and the way it happened. I want to give my best effort and be where God wants me to be, so when opportunities come, I’m ready to receive them.

A recent beautiful memory happened while filming the video for 'Tonight.' We were on a rooftop in New Jersey, with the Statue of Liberty behind us—it was a beautiful backdrop. They had a drone, but it was so windy outside that the drone struggled—it almost crashed. We couldn’t even get all the footage that we wanted. Despite the freezing weather and the strong wind, on that rooftop, singing my song with Method Man performing, it was perfect. I was in my zone.

SSM (5): Your new single with rap legend, Method Man is generating quite the buzz as fans have noticed your ability to perform well both in and out of the group Xscape. What was the inspiration behind that song and what was it like working with Method Man and having your ideas come together?

Tamika Scott: I wrote 'Tonight' a few years back and planned to put it on a mixtape, but the mixtape never came out, so I had to shelve it. When we taped Queens of R&B for Bravo, I thought I would be able to show different facets of myself. I know many fans like to know what their favorite singers and actors do outside of their craft, so I was a little disappointed when the show aired because it focused more on drama than the positive ways we use our energy.

I have a spice line called 'Tamika Scott’s Southern Fuse' and a cookbook titled 'Cooking with Tamika Scott.' They did show Tiny making a recipe from my cookbook on TV, but they never mentioned the title. She actually made a drink and used my seasonings while cooking, but they edited those parts out.

So, the song 'Tonight,' with the lyrics "can't no drama come our way, tonight I'm gonna celebrate," reflects my story. It's about celebrating oneself even when others won't. We all need to celebrate ourselves. The song encourages putting worries aside, whether they're about haters, bills, kids, or bad relationships, and taking a break to enjoy ourselves for a little while. Whatever brings fun, I'm going to do it tonight and celebrate. It was the right moment for the song to be released.

As for Method Man, he's like a brother to me, and I still get excited when I hear his verse because he killed it.

I also think that when you do anything with a pure heart, God will make sure to see you through. I thank every single person who tuned in.

SSM (6): We aren't messy here, so I don't want to dive too deep into the issues presented in the media between you and your sister, however, her album recently came out and the numbers were not what fans expected. Do you have any advice or encouraging words for LaTocha that you've shared?

Tamika Scott: I love my sister—she’s talented and a beautiful, gifted vocalist.

SSM (7): As an OG R&B artist, are there any new R&B artists you would co-sign today? And what advice can you give to the upcoming artists interested in getting into the industry?

Tamika Scott: My advice is to surround yourself with good people who love you and want the best for you. Another piece of advice is to get a good financial planner and listen to them. It’s important to be a good steward of your money.

SSM (8): Where can our readers find you and do you have any solo projects we can expect in the near future?

Tamika Scott: Xscape has more performance dates coming up! Miami, we’ll see you December 3rd. Learn More here.

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