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How To Style Wide-Leg Lightweight Denim Jeans This Summer

by Guest Contributor

Wide-leg lightweight denim jeans are sure to be a fashion staple this summer. They're essentially a retro style from the 1960s and '70s. Now they're back on the shelves and ready to help fill out your wardrobe.

Stylish, comfortable, and versatile, wide-leg denim jeans are perfect for work, brunch with friends, or date night, and their broad design makes them suitable even in the sweltering summer heat. We have compiled a list of a few of our favorite ways to style wide-leg denim jeans this summer.


A comfy pair of wide-leg lightweight denim jeans paired with a breezy cotton or silk tank top or T-shirt is perfect for summer afternoons. An off-the-shoulder top or silky crop top also keeps you cool all summer long.

If you prefer something with sleeves, choose a white linen button-up, or show off your fun vibe with a colorful print or pattern. Anything flowy or ruffled also works with denim jeans. A tie-back cropped top also helps dress up a pair of casual jeans and is an excellent summer festival outfit idea.


A classy white, formal shirt paired with lightweight denim jeans is perfect for a casual business meeting when you still want to appear professional. Swap out the white shirt for black, gray, or red to give your outfit a contemporary design. You can always throw a blazer over the shirt for a chic yet formal outfit.

Throw on a pair of slingback heels, and your outfit easily transitions from a busy workday to after-dinner drinks. Bring along a cropped jacket in a neutral color to keep warm as restaurants blast the air conditioning this summer.


Wide-leg denim jeans are so versatile that they look excellent with both a pair of heels and your favorite athletic shoes. Choose a bright white flat sneaker for a sporty aesthetic, or show off your style with a pair of sparkly or branded designer athletic shoes. Either way, you'll enjoy a stylish and comfortable outfit, perfect for days or nights spent on your feet. A pair of black chunky shoes would also match the broader silhouette of the wide-leg jeans women wear.


A pair of wide-leg lightweight denim jeans with a cropped knitted sweater will keep you cozy as the warm summer day turns into a chilly evening. Choose a white cropped knit tank top with a pair of stone-washed wide-leg denim jeans for a sporty outfit perfect for cheering on your favorite summer sports.

You could also spice up the outfit a little with bolder cropped knit colors, like red or orange. Cropped knits also look exceptional with a fancy blazer, giving you a more formal outfit option.


Bodysuits also work well with wide-leg lightweight denim jeans. The snug fit of a bodysuit perfectly contrasts with the wide-leg design of the jeans, giving you a chic, put-together look. Bodysuits are also perfect for layering, which can help you accommodate chillier summer mornings that turn into hot afternoons. Add a blazer or cropped jean jacket, and you'll be stylish and comfortable enough to run errands or grab brunch with friends.


Denim is back in style, meaning you can't have too much of it in your wardrobe. Grab your favorite denim jacket and throw it over a tank top with your favorite pair of lightweight denim jeans. You can choose two matching denim materials or ease the transition with a white or black cotton shirt underneath.

Add a pair of sneakers to achieve the perfect casual, laid-back aesthetic. A pair of silver or black sandals also go well with a denim-on-denim outfit while keeping your feet cool and letting you show off that summer pedicure.

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Accessories can help you tie together the perfect lightweight denim outfit. Stylish belts are a must with wide-leg, lightweight denim jeans. A brown or tan belt goes great with lighter-colored tops, like white or beige.

A white leather belt can make a bolder-colored top stand out. Cross-body clutches look great with lightweight denim jeans and make for a convenient place to put your stuff. You could also dress up your denim outfit with a pair of silver hoop earrings or a subtle gold necklace.

This summer, skinny jeans are out, and wide-leg lightweight denim jeans are the foundation of the best outfits. Whether you plan to spend your summer in the office or get outdoors as much as possible, lightweight denim jeans should be a part of your wardrobe.

They're comfortable and casual and pair with a wide range of tank tops, shirts, blazers, and jackets, helping you achieve your desired look. They're also hugely popular and going fast, so don't miss out on the latest fashion must-haves.


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