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JT's Solo Journey: 'Sideways' and Navigating the Come-Up Route

by Diamond Brown

Jatavia Shakara Johnson, better known as JT, has embarked on an exciting solo journey with the release of her second single, 'Sideways.'

Image Credit: Omar Vega | Getty Images

The anticipation among fans was palpable, particularly as JT steps away from her role in the City Girls rap duo. The recent performance of the City Girls' album left much to be desired, with low sales and diminishing interest in the group. However, with 'Sideways,' JT seems to be carving a distinct path for herself in the world of music.

The song's release has ignited enthusiasm among fans who were eager to witness JT's evolution as a solo artist. Departing from the City Girls' collaborative efforts, JT is establishing herself by taking what we can term as the 'come-up route.' This route, often embraced by artists before hitting the mainstream, involves lower-budget music videos that prioritize the craft, artistry, and lyrics of a performer over extravagant production.

In 'Sideways,' JT delivers not only with her flawless makeup and impeccable outfits but also with the raw talent and authenticity that the come-up route emphasizes. The video serves as a canvas for her artistry, allowing fans to focus on the substance of her work rather than being overwhelmed by grandiose visuals.

This release follows JT's debut solo track, 'No Bars,' and together, they showcase her potential as a formidable force in the hip-hop scene. Her decision to take a more individualistic approach to her career suggests a desire for creative independence and a chance to explore her unique style.

As JT continues to navigate her solo career, there is undoubtedly a high level of optimism among her fans. The rapper, having demonstrated resilience and determination, appears to be on the path to defining herself as an artist outside the confines of a group. The come-up route allows her to refine her skills, connect more intimately with her audience, and build a foundation for a lasting career.

Image Credit: Jason Koerner | Getty Images

While celebrating JT's transition to solo stardom, it is essential to provide constructive feedback. One notable critique concerns the length of her songs. To ensure a flourishing and long-lasting career akin to her predecessor Nicki Minaj, JT may benefit from focusing on quality over quantity. Lengthening her songs could offer a more immersive and satisfying experience for listeners, making each track feel complete and substantial.

Quality, in this context, pertains to the depth and richness of the music, ensuring that each element aligns seamlessly to create a memorable piece. While streaming numbers are crucial in the contemporary music landscape, emphasizing the quality of the work itself contributes significantly to an artist's legacy.

Overall, we are attentively watching JT's solo journey unfold and hope this chapter brings her the success she undoubtedly deserves. 'Sideways' and 'No Bars' mark promising steps in her artistic evolution, showcasing her potential to captivate audiences with her individuality and talent. As JT continues to grow and refine her craft, the music industry eagerly awaits the next chapters in her solo career.


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