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Print Exclusive: 'Love & Hip Hop's' Mariahlynn

Interview by Stephanie E.

Since making her debut on the hit television series, Love and Hip Hop, Mariahlynn immediately captured the attention of viewers everywhere. The American rapper and reality star, with her sun in Cancer, is a perfect blend of feisty and fervent. Although her time on the show is not without its fair share of drama, Mariahlynn does not back down from anyone.

Always ready and willing to stand up for herself and her family, she quickly became known for her tenacity, which is why fans could not help but connect with the musician on some level. Mariahlynn gave us storyline after storyline while staying true to herself, her goals, and her friends. Loyalty is another word we confidently use when describing this talented star. 'She's SINGLE' had the chance to speak with Mariahlynn:

SSM (1): Can you tell us about what the journey on Love and Hip Hop has been like for you?

Mariahlynn: It’s been one hell of a ride, to say the least. Somewhat of a gift and a curse; but, ultimately allowed me to find the light in some unfortunate circumstances. We can say it gave me a medium to find and develop myself into the artist Mariahlynn we see today.

SSM (2): Tell us a bit about your inspirations. Where did your love for music come from?

Mariahlynn: My inspiration came from writing poetry that would later develop into my artistry of hip hop and an all-encompassed artist. My struggle inspired and inspire(s) me daily.

SSM (3): How often do you work on perfecting your craft? What are some good time management tools that you find helpful?

Mariahlynn: Every day, from the moment I wake up my brain is already thinking about music and how I can express my artistic nature. Setting and planning calendars, and agendas, and following the guidance of my team.


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