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Signs He Finds You Irresistible

by Danielle Wright & Lisa K. Stephenson, Relationship Coach & Author

I don’t know about you, but I like my man to be all about me…not in a Pisces man kind of way, but to the women who get it, get it. Unless you’re dealing with a Taurus, Virgo, or Scorpio male, then rest assured you’ll never have to guess his feelings for you.

Leo men tend to take the outward approach when it comes to expressing themselves, they are a fire sign after all. This man has no problem professing his love for you in a non-clingy way. By the time he gets around to telling you, you’ll have been begging for him to say it, so it’s a win-win.

Most women may find what I am going to say controversial, however, we don’t coddle over here…men want women who are attractive with a personality. For a man to find you irresistible you have to be a woman who is not easily accessible and in some way or another, out of his league.

When a man sees you he must see a trophy, someone he respects, admires, and feels proud of. The sad truth is there are a lot of women who believe that simply because they are a woman that the men in their lives are supposed to make them a girlfriend or wives—that is not true.

For a man to want those things with you he has to see you as someone of high value. It all starts with you and how you choose to present yourself. Do you have high, but realistic standards? Take a look at yourself and the men you attract, are you attracting the men you want? If not, you can take a moment to re-assess your appearance. When a man views you as irresistible he will:


When a man admires his woman he will stare lovingly into her eyes. This can make some women uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a while, you’ll start to reciprocate this gesture as your love continues to grow.


A man who finds you irresistible will envision you in nice clothing or lingerie and may offer to take you shopping. He wants to see his vision come true and you, my friend are it. Don’t be shy, slip into something nice that he’s purchased and give him a show.


Some will say this isn’t their love language so they don’t fancy it too much, but I am here to tell you that, that is nonsense. A person who values you and genuinely likes you will want to spend all if not most of their free time with you. Do not get caught up in love languages…sure, there is truth to it, but not when it comes to something as simple as non-sex time (movies, parties, dates alone).


If you’re an ambitious woman this will make your man proud. He may not expect you to go 50/50 on bills, but most women who are hard-working and can foot the bill if needed are a turn-on for men. No man wants a stingy, entitled woman. He may laugh at it in the beginning but if she shows no signs of generosity or reciprocation of his efforts he will leave her high and dry.

Sometimes we wonder why men abruptly leave relationships or step out, there is usually a root cause—I am by no means condoning cheating! But, just be prepared to shower your man with gifts and surprises as he does with you to keep the charm alive.


When my boyfriend was cheating on me I almost immediately knew because he would compare me to other women,

“Hey, why don’t you start wearing your hair in braids?”

“Hey, why don’t you get a thigh tattoo as this girl has…?

When a man finds you irresistible he will never do this! He has come to accept you as you are and changing you is not on his to-do list. If there is something he wishes to upgrade about you, he may suggest it in a way that is enjoyable for you both.

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We’ve heard stories from women who were asked by their boyfriends to join them at the gym from time to time, this is a very kind way of him asking you to lose some weight. Again, we don’t coddle here, and remember what I said earlier, appearance is important. Keep this in mind as you navigate your relationship.


If he’s not jumping at the chance to solve a problem you’ve presented to him, then honey, he isn’t the one. Men are hard-wired to find solutions to problems, any problem and most want you to come to them with your issues. A man who finds you irresistible will be offended if he knew you took your problems elsewhere. Let’s say you have a question about car insurance or need your tire changed, if he’s enamored by you, then he wants to be your go-to phone call. Learning that he is not the hero in your life may crush his ego a bit and he’ll slowly pull away.


Your man should love talking to you even if he has nothing to chat about—most guys send funny memes or TikToks to keep the conversations going. But, some men are not texters or like to talk on the phone, they would rather spend time with you. It all depends on what works for you and your relationship, but don’t be afraid to ask for him to skip the phone calls and simply come over. Once you’ve established that level of trust there’s no real reason to primarily allow your communication to take place with a device.


This is a big one. I’ve seen women comment on a man's photo that they are seeing, sleeping with, dating, etc. and he deletes the photo. If the man you’re seeing does this, dump him, he’s protecting someone else’s feelings or he’s not that interested in you and is keeping his options open. When you tag him in something funny on SM, does he comment back or send you a reply via text? That’s something to pay attention to. A man who finds you irresistible means he’s proud to be with you and has no problem letting the world know.


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