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New York Fashion Week: Sprayground 2022 Takes Times Square

by Samara Morris

Rapper Remy Ma - Photography: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Last night, Sprayground took Times Square by storm debuting their ‘Time Travel Collection’. The night began on the sidewalk of the bustling streets where attendees gathered patiently waiting to enter inside. A red carpet adjacent to them where the likes of Journey Montana, Taylor Jasmine, and Actress Paloma Garcia Lee were photographed effortlessly by Getty Images. She’s SINGLE attended the streetwear fashion show where guests were “tele-transported to an immersive fashion journey through past, present, and future”.

Sprayground debuted 40 looks, each look bold, daring and loud complemented perfectly with eccentric hairstyles and makeup. The models were meticulously chosen to represent the brand and their style and creative imagination. We saw inspirations from Tupac Shakur, The Godfather, Scarface, and Sailor Moon in a notable collaboration of cult classics and celebrated cinema. Staying true to its mission, Sprayground did in fact deliver thought-provoking, innovative and dynamic accessories to the runway – from backpacks to luggage.

Photography: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

While the line has a huge emphasis on quality and individuality, the price ranges are affordable. Their design is meant to tell a story through pop culture, but even so, make it accessible to any and everyone. We can all celebrate ourselves through Sprayground without feeling out of place. According to Sprayground, “Functionality plays a huge role in our designs. There are functional compartments for today’s youthful tech kid with slots for headphones, sunglasses, laptops, tablets and easy organization and mobility with ergonomic stray support for easy transport.”

In 2010 Sprayground made its way onto the fashion scene. Started by business partners David BenDavid and Eddie Shabot, saying, “At the time, backpacks were bland and boring. Sprayground changed all of that with our, “Hello My Name Is” backpack.”

Sprayground from “2012 to 2018 expanded across the US. Internationally expanded to Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Dubai and China. Sprayground further developed its product line into Luggage, Outerwear, Cold weather accessories, Apple accessories, keychains, and duffles. They launched the patented Wing backpack. They begin to experiment with other fabrications and 3D molded techniques.

The demand grew for a sleeker more fashionable bag. Cut & Sew techniques are incorporated into the line. Fabrications merging suede, mesh, leather, handmade weaves, 3M fabrications and ballistic material. International distribution expanded to 30 countries. The brand is visible in Asia, Europe, and South America. In the U.S. Eddie Shabot has left to pursue other opportunities while David took over the realms and became the brand's CEO & Creative Director.(

Today, we can say with confidence that Sprayground is here to stay and change our lives for the better. Their mark on the fashion industry is permanent and well-deserved.

Photography: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“I had no idea what to expect. We hear of a new fashion line launching every day—mainly some private label gimmick. But this is not that. Sprayground is authentic and you can see the quality of the merchandise; leaving consumers no choice but to respect the obvious hard work that goes into this brand—the creative direction, the stitching, the design...I was blown away and will be stocking up on some items.” – Editor in Chief, Lisa K. Stephenson.


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