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The Twin Flame Test

by Kyla Cruz

Whether you’re trying to decipher if you’ve met a karmic, Twin Flame, or a soulmate, the adventure itself can feel thrilling. The big three as I like to refer to them are so important when it comes to finding your life partner and of course, we’re going to break them down:


Twin Flame: this is a person to who you feel connected, not just on a physical and emotional level, but also on a soulful or spiritual level. This is the yin to your yang.

Soulmate: this person has a lasting impact on your life—this can be a romantic partner or even a friend. Your soulmate is your fellow traveler on the journey of life. Most people who consider themselves to be perpetually single oftentimes do find a soulmate. This person will help you to awaken and explore different parts of yourself.

Karmic: this can sometimes feel like a Twin Flame energy or a soulmate connection, but no, a karmic is oftentimes sent to us from the universe to teach us something about ourselves. It is a relationship that is more of a lesson than it is love. The karmic process is nothing more than energy. It’s the product of our deliberate thoughts and behavior.

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To break this down even further, you are in control of your karmic connection. It is an obsession with strong elements of abuse involved—emotional, mental, physical, or simply an abuse of power. You will know you’re in a karmic relationship when there seems to be an instant connection upon meeting.

Yes, love at first sight is a thing and we do not mean to discredit it. But, with this in particular there are other factors to consider: bringing out the worst version of you, miscommunication and unresolved issues, dependency and breakups and patch-ups.


When you’ve met your Twin Flame it is an intense soul connection, you both mirror one another. It’s based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. In this type of relationship, you are both challenging and healing.

When you meet your Twin Flame you will notice that you share things in common as it pertains to your past life experiences—such as values and interests. Twin Flames feel magnetic—you can feel this most when you two are apart. I was sure I met my Twin Flame when we were in separation and I began seeing lots of angel numbers and felt my emotions going up and down. We spent a lot of time mirroring one another. And then on social media, he posted the same angel numbers I kept seeing in the 3D. It was scary at first, but it was some confirmation that I needed.

I did mention separation, because as anyone knows, no matter how good a relationship is sometimes there will be conflict. Twin Flame relationships aren’t always smooth sailing. You’re forced to see yourself in this other person, namely the parts of yourself that you do not like. However, facilitating this will be major growth for both of you. Also, your relationship is intense. You can feel things a lot deeper with this connection, it is not surface level.

Most importantly, you keep coming back together. “The Chase” is a natural part of the Twin Flame relationship, but at some point, one of you may walk away out of fear, anger, etc. but you will always come back together.

One of the biggest signs is feeling one another's symptoms. It’s like you know what they’re thinking sometimes and when you’re apart, you can feel one another—sadness, happiness, contentment, fear. And lastly, your Twin Flame will push you to do better. It’s a relationship that promotes a lot of growth.

So, how can you tell if your Twin Flame is thinking of you?

  • Intense Emotion That Doesn’t Feel Like Yours! (this makes it to the top of my list. If you’re in separation from your partner and you have no clue why you’re randomly crying at 3 am after spending your entire day laughing and feeling free, this may be something to consider)

  • Finding A White Feather

  • Showing Up In Your Dreams (another sign I can heavily confirm)

  • Racing Heart (confirmed)

  • Stomach Flutters

  • Feeling Of Warmth

  • Feeling Their Presence (confirmed)

  • Lingering Subconscious Smile

  • The Presence Of Repeating Numbers In The 3D (highly confirmed and I love it)

Now that you have this information, what do you do? What is the Twin Flame test? Well, for starters what is the current stage of your relationship? Twin Flame energy sounds amazing but it is anything but a smooth journey—it is quite turbulent.


  • Preparing and Longing: During this phase, you feel as though something is missing from your life, but you won’t know what it is. It is a time of longing where you may be suffering through emotional pain and confusion.

  • Something Has Shifted: A new energy floods your body.

  • You Meet Your Twin Flame: At this time, you may first feel that there is a connection to the other person, or that they are familiar somehow, whether it’s a physical resemblance, some kind of spiritual likeness, or simply an inexplicable energy. Despite this, the other person may not be ready for a relationship just yet, but that is not something you should let get you down.

  • Mixed Feelings: I can confirm that I had strong mixed feelings for a long time! You won’t know if it's lust or something deeper in the beginning. You may even start to push this person away or you could have what is called, a tower moment (more on this later).

  • Mutual Attraction: This stage happens when you come in contact with your Twin Flame again or are in their presence. This is something different and more powerful. The energy in your body will start to come alive.

  • Deep Connection: You may start finding excuses to be around this person. You will feel a deep sense of longing to have them nearby.

  • Out in the Open: You’ll start to share your thoughts and feelings more openly. You should pay attention during this time because of just how strongly you may begin to feel, a shift could be approaching.

  • Crisis or The Tower Moment: This is where things get emotionally intense. You may find yourself being very hurt, but also very unkind towards the other person. You may feel confused or angry with them because something doesn’t seem right. Once you reconcile, the only thing to do is be kind and compassionate towards one another. You’ll soon come to realize you do love this person!

  • The Chaser & The Runner: At this point, you’re both feeling deep emotions about each other. Your person has now become very important to you. You may feel like you need to protect yourself from this person, but it could be a part of your soul’s plan to achieve higher consciousness. Look to your angels for help (hence the angel numbers)

  • Help From Above and Within: You will feel closer to your guides at this time. This is a very powerful stage, you won’t need any more guidance because you will begin to understand what is happening and why.

  • Ego Death: You will see who you are. The inner work that you are doing now is how you will regain your strength and find that sense of trust in each other that you’ve always wanted. Once it settles, you will be able to see each other as whole and complete individuals.

As previously mentioned, the best way to know if you have a Twin Flame are:

  • The signs

  • Birth date match – this is a far reach but can be something useful.

  • Tarot cards – are the most popular choice. I don’t recommend this if you’re not spiritually awakened and have a deep trust with a reader. Things can go wrong if you get a personal reading from someone who is not spiritually guided or aligned. You don’t want that bad karma.

  • Quizzes – I will link some below that you can try out. Return and tell us your results. Are you in a Twin Flame connection?


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