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What If He Doesn't Contact Me During 'No Contact'


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Love can be dangerous, there is always the chance that it will end badly and you’ll have to worry about your abilities to move on. Love is a risk, but it is nonetheless addicting. When you’re in love, you can easily start to revolve around your partner. When that relationship ends, it can be extremely difficult to decide how to carry on from that point. Do you talk? Do you cut all contact? What is best for both of you?

In most situations, cutting all contact will help both of you heal faster. The pain is more intense and immediate, but in the long run, it will help you both come to terms with the fact that your relationship is over. Cutting contact off cold turkey is usually the best route. You will both be sad, but that is unavoidable and well worth it when you realize that cold turkey will result in a shorter period of misery.

When you decide to cut contact cold turkey, you do not always have to think of it as a permanent thing. If you want to remain friends, even after you’ve had a decent amount of distance, there is no problem with that. I must insist, however, that you only do this if you are completely sure that he is over you. If you attempt to rekindle that relationship in any form, that could lead to false hope on his end. No matter what your intentions are, stringing him along is not okay. Not all men are the same, but usually, once they get over you, they continue with their lives. Don’t be afraid to reach out after some time to be friends again, but take the necessary precautions.

Let’s say that you think cold turkey is an overrated and unnecessary technique. No offense, but you’re kidding yourself. If you decided after a break up to keep in touch, it will only prolong your heartbreak. Remaining in close contact will make it nearly impossible to truly move on from each other. Inevitably, you would eventually want to give each other a second chance or make each other jealous, either way, neither of you will get over the other and it will just result in more pain and frustration over a longer period.

I cannot guarantee that no contact will always ensure he will get over you. It is up to him to make a conscious decision to move on. Until he is ready and he wants to move past you, you cannot force his hand on the matter. All you can do is wish him well and hope that he can figure it out on his own. You just have to ensure that you do not hinder his healing process by trying to continue contact with no regard to how he feels. There is always the danger of a man who will not accept your attempts at no contact. This is a scary situation for any woman. Take the necessary precautions. Make sure that you are safe and that the people close to you are aware of the situation. Make it clear to him that you have no desire to further your relationship anymore, if he cannot accept that you may need to take further legal action to ensure your safety.

At the end of the day, you cannot think about what eases the pain. You have to make the responsible decision to focus on what is best for both of you. Choosing to still talk things out and clear the air once a week will only cause more problems and pain. Before you initiate or agree to any contact, you first need to take a long hard moment to think about who it will truly benefit. If, at the end of that moment, you decide that you could both genuinely use some closure, then maybe you guys should talk it out. However, if you’ve already met up once to get that closure, you do not need to do it again. Seeking closure is a finicky thing, but I am quite certain that you never really need it twice. If your previous attempt last week did not work, I am quite certain that it will not suddenly work this week.

In the name of giving you and this article some closure, let me reiterate one last time. No contact is more likely than not going to assist him in getting over you. It will offer a clean cut that he will heal from much faster than if you were to try to stick around and make the situation messy. So, do what is best for both of you in the long run, and get out of there once you are broken up.

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