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7 Signs Of A Negative Person

by Samara Morris

While for some it’s, “New Year, New Me”, for others, it’s, “New Year, Same Old Same”.

We can try our best to get away from the negative Nancy but sometimes it can be hard—what if it’s a best friend or family member? Twelve days into the new year and already I argued with a close friend; could it be that it was destined to happen or was mercury retrograde simply doing its bidding? Whichever way you spin it, I learned my lesson never to invite that person back into my personal space ever again.

I can officially say that I will no longer tolerate or accept negative people in my life and let’s be honest, you shouldn’t either. It’s 2023 for crying out loud. Did you know that just a few weeks ago a snowy owl—usually found in the Arctic regions—decided to relocate to sunny Cypress, California? This is a rare sighting and usually an omen that something bad could be approaching, which means, no more tolerating nonsense.

It’s easy to call someone negative, but let’s look at some of the things that can make someone this way:

The Fear of Being Disrespected by Others: In cases like this they are on guard and willing to get the last word to avoid being hurt by anyone.

The Fear of Not Being Loved by Others: You’ll notice this type of negativity simply means abandoning ship before you can. If a person feels they are not being loved correctly or is on the verge of losing someone they care about, they will slip away first, sort of like a way of remaining in control.

The Fear That Bad Things Are Going to Happen: Have you ever had a friend who you would tell good news and they would always find a way to tell you the negative side of things? Or, if you share an idea with someone and they are quick to point out all the ways you’re bound to fail? Yes, this is someone who is considered negative and you should probably steer clear of their company.

Negativity by definition is the tendency to be downbeat, disagreeable, and skeptical. As someone who is on the verge of doing big and wonderful things in their life, why would you want to associate yourself with anyone like that? Believe it or not, there is such a thing as energy transfer. So, upon meeting this person you could have been optimistic, kind, and agreeable. Staying in the presence of someone like this for an extended period can rub off on you. Mind the company you keep.



Negative people are serial complainers. They complain a lot which leads to serious unhappiness in their lives which will have an impact on their mood and how they treat you. Before you know it you’re defending yourself against their actions or words and questioning your sanity. Leave people like this in the rearview mirror.


I have a story for every example on this list lol. This is factual. Having a friend, associate, or family member who does not recognize joy, beauty, or excitement aka they do not feel happy emotions on the regular is a no, no. They will envy your happiness which will bring you bad luck and fortune the more you hang around them.


Negative people will suck your energy by leaving you physically and emotionally drained. This happens a lot in relationships. Don’t believe your spouse or boyfriend can harbor some resentment towards you if you’re more successful than they are? Think again. This secret resentment can lead to them self-sabotaging the relationship and a lack of equal give and take. All in all, leaving you with less energy to pour into things that make you happy.


Negative people cannot and do not look at the brighter side of things. Even on small matters, they think the worst. As I’ve mentioned it’s people like this who you have to be careful when you share any good or exciting news. They will kill your joy by mentioning something bad that could happen or is happening versus looking on the positive side.


One too many risks are of course a red flag! But how can you grow if you refuse to experience new things, perspectives, and so forth? Negative people tend to play it safe avoiding any discomfort, challenges, and failure. Usually, they are boring.


Negative people will not take a moment to bask in something positive. Immediately, they will begin to pick it apart looking for what could be wrong. This is disappointing because every small step toward a goal should be celebrated. Do not let someone like this make you question whether or not your achievements should be observed in a big way. Every little one counts!


Well, it would only make sense right? If someone is afraid to take risks, never leaves their comfort zone, and plans for the worst in every situation how could they expect to be successful? Don’t get me wrong we all have our definition of success, but negative people hardly talk about bringing about change because they cannot look beyond their imagined misery. Most people in this position cripple themselves, and sadly, they can cripple you too. So, what do I say? Bye!

There you have it, our list. I hope you find the courage to end one-sided relationships this year, step into your power, and know that you deserve to have a strong and loving support group.


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