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Dating a Girl From a Rich Family

by Samara Morris

Photo by inna mykytas

In 2022, as a graduate of Utica College in upstate New York, I must say that I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people from diverse backgrounds. Surprisingly, the school was quite diverse. During my time there, I couldn't help but notice the relationships between the students, their preferences, and, in some cases, their parents. Some students' parents casually drove up in their Rolls Royce or Porsche during breaks to pick up their children.

One night, I asked a friend of mine, "What is it like to date a girl from a wealthy family?" His response was, "It's different." My friend is a 23-year-old African American male living in The Bronx, New York, on 3rd Avenue. He did not come from a wealthy background, but by attending Utica College, he had the opportunity to date women from various socioeconomic classes. So, what was the main difference?

"The main difference is dealing with their parents. Women from less affluent backgrounds often have some things in common. Their parents often work minimum wage jobs, rent, and have big dreams about their future – places they aspire to go but can't afford. On the other hand, the parents of the wealthy students are typically reserved, well-educated, extremely generous, and frugal," he explained. "They are also well-traveled and can teach you a lot about different places."

While dating a girl from a wealthy family may sound ideal, it's worth considering that some of the richest men and women can a spenddrift or excessively frugal. This, undoubtedly, plays a role in how their children are raised. A person's attitude toward money is often influenced by how they acquired their wealth. The easier it was for them to make money, the more liberally they tend to spend it.

So, let's say you're dating a girl from a rich family who is not self-made. She may not have figured out how to earn her own money. Those who amassed their wealth by building it through their skills, like starting a successful business, often have a healthy attitude towards money. They understand how to generate wealth and aren't as anxious about losing it all. On the contrary, those who inherited their wealth or stumbled into it might either spend it extravagantly or become anxious about losing it all.

This trend is commonly observed among lottery winners, who frequently end up bankrupt shortly after claiming their prize money.

According to another source, a 24-year-old Caucasian male living in Weston, Vermont, shared his experiences of dating both a wealthy and a less affluent girl. He explained, "The girl from a less affluent background I dated was quite careless with money. She lacked ambition, didn't finish school, and had a penchant for partying.

While it was enjoyable initially, the novelty wore off after a few months. She also had a strained relationship with her parents. On the other hand, the girl from a wealthy family, who lives nearby, holds a college degree, has a well-traveled background, a successful career, is well-read, and practices financial conservatism. She appreciates finding deals and bargains, and interestingly, she despises the idea of being in debt."

As you accumulate wealth, you quickly learn the value of small percentages and how challenging it can be to secure a 5% return on your investments with minimal risk.

For instance, stores like Costco strategically position their branches in high-income neighborhoods, where the majority of coupons are used by individuals earning over $100,000 per year. Wealthy individuals are willing to invest in quality and luxury products but are equally frugal when it comes to making purchases. They understand the significance of percentages and how small savings can accumulate. When dating a girl from a wealthy family, the primary influence on her character often stems from her upbringing by her parents.

If one of her parents indulged her with excessive material possessions, she may come to expect the same from everyone. If her parents displayed greed, selfishness, or infidelity, she might grow up entitled, spoiled, demanding, and selfish, expecting others to provide everything she desires at no cost. Nevertheless, it's important not to pre-judge or assume that one person is better than another based on their economic status. A kind, hardworking, and loving woman may come from a less affluent family and may need assistance in managing finances when marrying a wealthy man, and that's perfectly acceptable.

It's important to show respect for her family and her background, but don't let it deter you. If you have genuine feelings for this girl, then pursue the relationship. Take the time to get to know her better. If her family's wealth is newly acquired or their lifestyle appears overly extravagant with a seeming lack of concern for their spending, engage in conversations with her to understand her perspective and values.

Of course, there are potential downsides to both situations. If you come from a wealthy family, you might worry about falling into a relationship with a gold digger, someone primarily interested in your wealth. Conversely, if you date a woman from a less affluent background, you might have concerns about her being high-maintenance. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. However, the most crucial aspect is to find someone you genuinely love and who reciprocates that love.

In some cases, it's also beneficial to consider dating someone at a similar socio-economic level. Keep in mind that family culture often makes a more significant impact on a relationship than family finances.


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