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How Does a Scorpio Woman Act When In Love?

by Stephanie E.

Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain / Staff | Actress Emma Stone born November 6th

Scorpio season begins October 23rd and ends November 21st. Scorpios are water signs known for tending to be emotional. While they can be sensitive, this sign also exudes a passionate side and is expressive of their love.


Scorpios can be mistaken for a fire sign because they can be overwhelmingly bold and tend to require control in most situations. It’s easy to be taken aback by a Scorpio’s forward manner of handling things, as they are firm with the way they speak. But do not be fooled by their audacious characteristics. This water sign is complex but delicate. They will stand by you through thick and thin as they feel that is the only option.

Like any other zodiac sign, Scorpios have their good attributes and their bad ones. So how does a Scorpio woman act when in love? Scorpio women are loving individuals. They crave affection and provide dedication for their lover, so much so that they make their significant other feel like the only person on this planet. By nature, Scorpios are a steamy sign as their passion fuels their infatuation.

For instance, when a Leo man and Scorpio woman date, they form a strong physical chemistry. Scorpio women are full of passion and sexuality which makes them bold and adventurous in the bedroom. This feisty characteristic of a Scorpio woman makes a confident and affectionate Leo man very much attracted and excited to be together in the bedroom.

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A Scorpio woman is like a roller coaster, exciting, surprising, and anxiety-inducing! They are in tune with their feelings but not the best at expressing their emotions. When you date a Scorpio woman you will never feel unloved; she will be your biggest cheerleader through all your troubles. There are plenty of reasons why Scorpio women are worth your while.

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You cannot pull the wool over a Scorpio woman’s eyes! She will be like her own detective as she gathers all the information to form an opinion of her own. Their intelligence stems from their psychic-like intuition. She will instinctively know when you are lying or when you are not being honest about your feelings. Scorpio women can read their partner like a book.


She will dance in the middle of the street at three in the morning. She will try food you would never think to try. She will rescue an abandoned kitten from an alleyway. A Scorpio woman will always keep you guessing and you won’t want it any other way after her! She will be fun, which results in a jam-packed life in the best way possible. A Scorpio woman will never lack spontaneity, but her intentions will always be sincere.


She will tell you when your shirt doesn’t match with those slacks and she will not spare your feeling along the way. Scorpio women will be frank when it comes to telling the truth, to the point that it might come off rude to the person on the receiving end of their words. It’s hard for her to sugarcoat things as she believes the truth is all that matters.


Scorpio women are quick on their feet. They have a vast imagination and their heads are always spinning. Scorpios are full of new ideas and like excitement in their lives. She is more likely to pull off a DIY project or experiment with colors and patterns in her wardrobe. She will use that creativity to express how she feels.


You will be showered with an immense amount of love from a Scorpio woman. She will long for deep emotional connections with a partner. At times, matching a Scorpio woman’s intense energy in a relationship can be exhausting. She will profusely kiss you, wrap her legs around you to cuddle you harder and be your biggest fan no matter what you do. There is also a nurturing side to Scorpio women. They like the idea of taking care of their partner as a way to show their love.


Although she is all about you when you are alone, she will be secretive about you to her friends and family. A part of her likes the idea of you being her little secret but she also doesn’t like sharing too much information. A Scorpio woman never reveals secrets you told her in confidence and even if you were open to sharing information, she would never find joy in repeating what you said. Gossip is not something she participates in!


When she walks into a room you will feel as if she has put you in a trance. She is the type of person that can change your mind with a smile. Scorpio women can pinpoint their weaknesses and strengths and use them to their advantage. She is more likely to control situations, but they have the capability of making you feel as if you are the one making all the decisions.


She will not stand for another woman grabbing your arm and laughing at your jokes a little too hard. A Scorpio woman can be territorial especially when it comes to her lover. Jealousy meshes easily with the passionate side of the Scorpio woman. Her desire for you will be endless and the idea of another female being in the same vicinity as you infuriates her.


Scorpio women are full of emotion! They love hard and they play hard. The whirlwind of romance that comes from a Scorpio woman will be unmatched and unlike anything you ever experienced.

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