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What's So Wrong With Being a Homebody

by Kyla Cruz

It’s 2023 and the inflation rate has dropped to a whopping 2.97%, compared to 4.05% in June and 9.06% last year.

But let’s be honest, no one is feeling the impact of a ‘lowered inflation rate’ because the price for items in stores still seems to go up or has remained constant. So, did inflation go down or did the price of goods simply change? Inflation is the rate at which prices for goods and services rise.

This means the prices are not decreasing, but the rate at which they are increasing has slowed down. But what does this have to do with being a homebody? Well, post-COVID many Americans were racing outdoors—packing restaurants, filling the parks, and heading to theme parks with their children. What has since changed is the leveling of the economy and the price gouging by these same companies leading people to realize, “It’s cheaper to just stay home.”

Users online have commented saying,

“If I go outside I’m easily spending $150.”

“Outside is too expensive!”

“$100,000 a year is the new $50,000/yr. I don’t event want to go anywhere.”

“Tipping culture is getting out of hand. Why do I need to tip someone for handing me my coffee?”

You see, natural introverts never had this issue and in my opinion, should not be classified as homebodies. A homebody is a person who likes to stay at home, but this does not make them introverted, it could make them frugal. Many prefer to stay home as a way of saving money but they may still host a dinner party every weekend, a game night, or a movie night when a theatrical release makes it to streaming platforms such as HBO Max or Netflix.


If you’re not frugal and enjoy spending time outdoors or doing fun activities, then perhaps it could be hard navigating a relationship with someone who is the complete opposite. I find that most men—after the initial courting stages—may be inclined to want to spend more time indoors. As men are deemed the providers, most of the financial burden falls on them. Therefore, it is easily understood that staying inside is preferred versus planning an outdoor activity that could easily cost hundreds.

Nothing is wrong with being a homebody until you are amongst others who are not. Perhaps you used to enjoy going out with friends or your romantic partner, but now your goals have changed. Your finances are different. Now, you have new priorities. No one can judge you for this, so try to be open-minded when dealing with someone else of this nature.


When life becomes a system of prioritizing your time and money, depression may kick in and you can feel less inclined to go out and spend money, or worse, watch others squandering their money. In our time of need, it is not impossible to envy the people around us who seem to be earning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and making it all look easy. So much so, they go out or post online and you’re left wondering, “How on earth is he or she affording that?”

In these cases, you will likely form an online group or join one where like-minded people exist. I see this mostly on TikTok where users will make a video crying—not digital panhandling—simply speaking about their struggles and experiences and how it’s negatively impacted their mental health. Those who can relate will comment, like, follow and hope for more relatable content. Thus, the homebodies can congregate online and the atmosphere feels safe.


Ever wonder if the person you’re dating is just a natural homebody? Well, we’ve got the answers by zodiac.

Taurus: Here’s the thing, I dated a Taurus and let me just say it was single-handedly the worst dating experience of my life, he did not seem like a homebody to me! He was out with his friends every single weekend. So take this list with a grain of salt. Taurus is known to much rather stay home, take a bath, watch TV, and relax. They like to be invited to places, but it’s often doubtful they will show up.

Scorpio: Not a big fan of events or outings but will go if they’re dragged. Most Scorpios only like a handful of people and would prefer to connect with someone one-on-one, which is almost impossible at parties. The most enjoyment they will have is finding someone else there who hates it just as much as they do.

Pisces: They like the idea of going to parties, but when the moment arrives, they dread it. A water sign who much rather spend their time in bed curled up under a blanket with a glass of wine. To get a Pisces out of the house they have to see the value of going: either to please a friend or a mere distraction is needed.

Cancer: Cancers love being around other people, but partying is their least favorite activity. Spending time at home with a group of friends is their way to go.

Virgo: Virgo's much rather chill at home and relax. Beyoncé has said that when she is not working, she is relaxing. She referred to herself as being lazy. She likes to be home with her family. Most Virgo’s aren’t dying to get trashed with strangers for the sake of a good time.

Nothing is wrong with being a homebody—whether you’re new to the club due to inflation, depression, or both, welcome. You’re gonna love it here.


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