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How to Not Be Single: Wife Tips

by Danielle Wright

What does it mean to be single?

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Being single generally means not being in a romantic relationship or partnership. It encompasses a variety of experiences and perspectives, often shaped by individual preferences, cultural contexts, and life circumstances.

Many women are choosing to be single—our default status—primarily because, even though they consider themselves to be wife material, a large number of men are not husband material. It baffles men that women want to be single, considering this is not a default for them—a man can go outside and ask ten women for their number, to which maybe three will give it to him. Women, on the other hand, have to wait to be approached, which means she can go out single and go home single; there is no change, and that is her norm.

If a man wants a relationship, he can choose to be with one of the three women he’s successfully managed to impress. To most women, it would seem that:

  1. You have to wait to be approached by a man.

  2. You have to wait for a man to ask you to be his girlfriend.

  3. You have to wait for a man to ask you to be his wife. Women have little to no control when it comes to changing their relationship status.

Thus, we usher in a world where women are okay with not being approached by men or courted. Women have come to learn that once a relationship is established, it is their responsibility to keep that man entertained and interested. When asked to share their thoughts on marriage, one tribe member said, “Being a wife is always having to be grateful for the bare minimum.” It would seem that men have more options than women, hence why they can easily do less but still expect more. The best way to combat this is to not be afraid to lose, so that you can always win.

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If you want to change your relationship status and be viewed as wife material, you first need to realize that where a man found you, he can find ten more like you. So, you have to be comfortable being single before you can be comfortable being married. Once you are capable of providing for yourself, sitting in your own energy, and feeling your best, you are essentially ten steps ahead of any other woman a man may meet. This helps you to stand out. But you have to be realistic and set your standards according to your proximity and appearance. Yes, this is true.

A woman went viral on TikTok for saying that her self-esteem takes a hit when she goes out and unattractive men approach her to ask for her number. Here’s the thing: those men are masculine and confident. Men who rely on group settings, double dates, or being approached first by women will often be in their feminine energy, but this is disguised as being shy. Confident men know what women want and are not afraid to give it to them—money and affection. Men who cannot provide do not approach; they wait for the woman to make the first move or rely heavily on dating apps where it’s easy to ghost a woman or get her to go 50/50 on a home date.

WIFE TIP NUMBER 1: Attract Your Partner.

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