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Which Zodiac Signs Are Best in Bed?

by Stephanie Elaine

Our zodiac signs tell us a lot about ourselves, but did you ever think your zodiac sign could reveal what kind of partner you were in the bedroom? If you want to determine if your potential lover is worth your while, you can know if they are the right choice just by knowing their sign.


If your zodiac sign can identify your personality traits and temperaments it can also divulge what kind of lover you are. Some signs have more of a passionate side while others are just not sexual, and that is okay! Every sign has its differences and it’s important to find a sign that is compatible with your needs and wants from someone, whether it’s a steamy situation-ship or a long-term relationship. Deciding what makes someone good in the sheets is up to you. Some like dominance and fiery lust from their mate while others like a more tender and comforting companion.

Ranking The Best Zodiac Signs in Bed:


Capricorns are hardworking perfectionists by nature. When they aren’t good at something they won’t stop until they are. In that case, of course they are good at pleasuring you in the boudoir! They are goal-oriented people who want to get you to the finish line, whatever it takes!

Their persistence will be rewarding for you, their focus might feel strong and intimidating but do not allow it to get to you because they want to prioritize your desires over theirs. They are also great communicators, which can be very helpful in an intimate setting. They will tell you what they want and they will want to thoroughly know what you need.

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Another hardworking sign is the Taurus. A sign you can trust amid your romancing. They are also good listeners, which is a great trait to make you feel secure and understood, especially if you want to make it clear what needs you require sexually. They will hear you loud and clear and be sure to meet your demands. They will never fail you; you are guaranteed a good time when you are with them because they will always deliver their end of the bargain and put their money where their mouth is.


Cancers are emotional beings. Being emotional has a negative conation but that is not the case for cancer’s sexual performance. They are sensitive about feelings for either the people they care about or themselves. They are intuitive which means they don’t have to ask and you don’t have to tell them what your sexual yearnings are, they will simply just know. They also have a sweet and loving side to make you feel important and as if you are the only person on this planet. Their sensitivity is what makes them wholesome lovers.


Aries are enthusiastic lovers. They have excitement and a great deal of energy, especially when doing the deed! This sign will fall in love with you relatively quickly compared to other signs. They know what they want and when they want it. They are a passionate sign and their passion will get the best of them in the bedroom in a more dominating manner.

You will live your 50 shades of grey fantasy with an Aries. They also flirt like their life depends on it! They thrive off of flirtatious behavior. An Aries loves the chase but when it comes time to take that connection to the next level, you will feel fireworks between you two.


Scorpios are known as the lover sign. They are passionate about you to an obsessive extent. They are all about you and only you! They are intense lovers with a lot of eagerness to explore new sexual endeavors but do not let that deter you from having sex with a Scorpio. Scorpios will blow your mind in and out of the bedroom. They are adventurous and a thrilling experience, so much so that you will find yourself zoning out at work as you recount what your Scorpio partner did to you the night before. They will leave you craving more of them.


The worst sign to sleep with is the Gemini. They are selfish and lazy, two of the worst qualities of someone you’re thinking of having sex with. A selfish and lazy lover means they will only care about getting their needs met and not taking care of you. No thanks! They are also inconsistent which means they will talk to you one day telling you they want to hang out and then ghost you for six months. A Gemini only cares about themselves.


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