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Facebook Etiquette for Married Couples

by Danielle Wright

Couples who find themselves on social media may struggle to navigate boundaries.

While privacy is important, so is communication and maintaining a healthy relationship outside of any platform. It may be hard to believe, but many people still use Facebook and constantly struggle with ways to maneuver the platform while still maintaining trust and respect for one another. Women may find this task harder than men because, for most women, cheating is not an option, whereas for a large number of men, fidelity while using social media platforms can pose some difficulty.

It takes willpower and a good moral compass to remain faithful to your partner, and establishing what you consider to be cheating online is just as, if not more, important. Your spouse may like or comment on another woman’s photo or status, which you may find disrespectful. Cheers to the following list of Facebook etiquette for married couples:


Deciding to remain on social media platforms must be mutually agreed upon by both you and your spouse. Have an open and honest conversation about how you both want to use Facebook as a couple. Establish mutual boundaries that align with your relationship values. Understand that you are a unit and should reciprocate the energy you want to receive.

Amani Talks from TikTok makes it clear that she does not want her partner having social media in any capacity; however, she is allowed to because it is her job. Here, it is evident that she is not receptive to a relationship that is mutually beneficial. While some men may be understanding of the use of social media as a career, others may not, so it’s important to keep this in mind.


Make a mutual decision on whether or not you want to display your relationship status online. For some people, this could be a safety concern, while for others, it could be linked to ill intentions. Men always want to show off what they are most proud of; when they post their children, cars, friends, relationships, it’s because they are proud of what they’ve accomplished in life. So, if he’s unwilling to share your marriage status online, it could be that he is not proud of his commitment to you, and perhaps it was a marriage of convenience. These types of relationships commonly come about when:

  • Women get pregnant and men are forced to marry them;

  • Men are coerced into marrying their partner after living together for a while,

  • Men want a raise at work and a boost in social status.

All in all, make sure that the marriage was his idea.


This is important because while you may not be too keen on changing your relationship status, you could still find that tagging your partner is just as effective. However, make sure you have the other person’s consent before doing this, as some people may not be comfortable being tagged in certain content, particularly photos.


Be mindful of the content you share about your spouse and avoid airing out personal grievances or private matters publicly. Remember, the internet is forever, and although you may delete the content, someone could have screenshotted it, saved it, or worse, downloaded it. So, if you’re going to hit ‘post,’ be sure that it is something you don’t mind getting out into the world and others having strong opinions that may go against your own beliefs.

We see this plenty of times with celebrities, whether it’s a tweet, something they add to their stories, or even if they’re filming a reality show, the information is always around forever and ever. Keep this in mind when posting about one another or any issues that may arise in your marriage.


While it’s common for couples to have joint profile pictures, it’s not always a requirement. You should both choose images that reflect your individuality and shared interests, but ensure that you’re both comfortable with the choice. We see quite often where a woman will post an image where she is barely dressed and a man will grow annoyed or feel insulted by her actions; this is not him trying to control her, this is, in fact, a matter of respect for both parties.

If you would not feel comfortable with her husband posing shirtless with a pair of boxers on, then maybe reconsider posting that bikini photo. Social media is fair game, and married or not, there are people who will still go out of their way to spark a conversation with you or your husband if they feel there is the slightest opening or crack in the marriage. Posting certain images can indicate a lack of respect for one another.

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It can seem impolite to ignore messages where someone is complimenting you, but what is an appropriate response? Well, in some cases, a smiling face emoji will suffice or a simple "thank you." If you or your partner are sharing emojis with strangers that are reserved for you and them, then it’s safe to say that this is bad social media etiquette. If push comes to shove and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of reading and responding to comments, just turn them off. On the other hand, if you receive private messages from someone of the opposite sex, consider discussing it with your partner to maintain transparency and trust.


While you may not have a shared profile picture or post about your spouse each and every day, it’s crucial that you recognize them on important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Do not appear to hide your partner on these special days that matter the most; both you and your partner will be glad that you’re displaying this level of transparency and openness. If someone had any intention of behaving inappropriately towards you, these types of acknowledgments will for sure keep them away.

No matter the platform, there are boundaries that couples can set for one another to keep a happy and healthy union. If you or your partner object to your boundaries, then it's okay to discuss other options, but if you feel something is amiss, it most likely is. Always trust your gut instincts.


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