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Only Fans Alternative: Websites To Make Money

by Samara Harris

Plenty of people in the digital world are ready to consume content regularly. With that being said, there is no shortage of spaces where you can create content and grow your platform. More importantly, earn revenue. To think, a few years ago OnlyFans emerged as a place where singers, musicians, DIY instructors, and more could go online and create content for their fans. Now, it’s primarily known as an adult website for content creators who are interested in promoting more risqué videos and images.

OnlyFans is no doubt quite popular, but given its reputation some people have decided to shy away from the network, opting for something a bit less conspicuous. OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where users can sell or purchase original content. Celebrities like Cardi B, Black Chyna, and Bhad Bhabie are regulars and have seen much success from the platform.

But what if you’re just not into that…what if you’re looking for a way to make money without the pain of having to say, “I’m an OnlyFans model”? Well, of course, OnlyFans does have an alternative. Today, I’d like to chat with you about a few of them.

First, we have Ah!Fare. Ah!Fare is a social network that’s been around for some time now, it’s discreet, subscription-based, and allows adult film performers and other influencers to monetize their private social media by charging access to their accounts.

Unlike other platforms of this nature, however, you can expect to earn 81% of subscription revenue and cash-back rewards for being a top earner. That’s almost an additional $2,000 - $5,000/per month or quarter. Top users have seen payouts of as much as $13,000/month using Ah!fare.

Ah!Fare Features:

  • Creators keep 81% of their earnings

  • Ah!Fare takes 19% commission of earnings

  • The minimum payout is $45

  • Creators can earn top bonuses each month

  • Creators can accept tips

  • Explicit images are allowed on the platform

  • Content creators select the subscription offers for price and duration

  • Business accounts and top-earner accounts are verified within 24 hours and earn cash-back rewards to reinvest in their brand

  • Users can sell products and services on the platform

Next is LoyalFans. LoyalFans is a platform that attracts influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and anyone else trying to build an online following. Plus, they have several ways you can interact with fans and share your content.

LoyalFans Features:

  • Profiles can include a logo

  • Creators must have a checkmark for sensitive content

  • Subscription prices are between $1 and $50

  • The cost for text posts, photo posts, and video photos can be up to $500

Ever heard of Fansly? Well, creators can become a model and receive verification within a couple of hours. According to Fansly, top models earn $10,000 or more a month.

Fansly Features:

  • Users can follow creator accounts for free or subscribe. Creators can target free users by sending them a DM

  • Fansly takes 20% of earnings

  • The minimum payout is $20

  • Creators can earn referral bonuses

iFans supports all creators, including adult entertainment, and boasts one of the best referral programs and analytics dashboards for any social media platform of its kind.

iFans Features:

  • Creators keep 80% of their earnings

  • 5% lifetime referral bonus from other creators they invite to the platform

  • Minimum $20 in earnings before payout requests

  • Mutual tagging allows creators to share each other’s audiences (share for share)

OkFans or as you may know it to be FanPage, helps content creators earn money similar to the other platforms. OkFans suggests creators plan and time block to keep up with content creation and demands, plus they encourage cross collaborations.

OkFans Features:

  • OkFans takes a 20% commission on earnings

  • Earnings can come from subscribers, paid content, messages, and tips

  • 5% commission on referrals

  • The minimum threshold is higher than other platforms at $150 before payout

Fanso takes a different approach…as a creator you can either become the owner of a self-hosted platform or choose to work with someone who owns the account and pay them a commission from your earnings. The cost is a one-time fee of $699 for a starter, self-hosted account.

Fanso Features:

  • Custom pricing on subscriptions

  • Unlimited streaming minutes

  • Monetize live-streaming content using tokens

  • Creators can own and run a separate eCommerce store to sell their merchandise, including digital and physical products

  • Users can pay for products using tokens

  • Built-in social community feature

  • Instagram-like stories can be created and sold on a newsfeed

  • A free demo is available

Patreon is one that I have heard of mostly from YouTubers. It’s not exactly an OnlyFans alternative, but there are many similar services offered. Unlike OnlyFans and Ah!Fare, there are limitations in terms of adult content. Creators must flag mature themes as 18+, which is content that depicts explicit sexual situations, including nudity.

Patreon does offer three payment packages. The lite plan asks for a 5% commission from earnings and provides a host page, communication tools, and workshops. Most features are available for 8% and 12% commission on monthly income to Patreon.

In our opinion, creators should opt for platforms that give them more money and creative control—like Fanso, Ah!Fare & Fantime. Plus, the perks of being able to sell your products and services straight from the platform will save both money and time. We hope this list helps.


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