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CBS New York Meteorologist Elise Finch Mourned by In Friends and Colleagues Following Sudden Passing

by Venus Sanders

In Loving Memory of Elise Finch: A Tribute to a Gifted Meteorologist and Beloved Friend

The sudden passing of Elise Finch, the esteemed CBS-New York meteorologist, has left her colleagues and friends heartbroken and in mourning.

Known for her talent, professionalism, and warm personality, Elise delivered weather forecasts to New Yorkers with care and dedication since 2007. Her unexpected death at the age of 51 has deeply affected those who knew and worked with her.

Paul Zimmerman | Credit: Getty Images

As a gifted and consummate professional, Elise took great pride in her work, earning her a special place in the hearts of the community, including her hometown of Mount Vernon. Starting her meteorology career as a weekend weather expert, Elise eventually became the familiar face bringing the morning forecast to viewers. She was not only a respected colleague but also a devoted wife to Graig Henriques, a WCBS photojournalist, and a fiercely loving mother to her daughter, Grace.

The news of Elise's passing brought her colleagues to tears, expressing the immense loss they feel in losing a friend, mentor, and role model. WCBS anchor Jessica Moore, who announced the sad news on-air, shared a heartfelt message about Elise's loyalty, sense of humor, and love for her family. The WCBS team, devastated by the loss, will forever remember Elise's musical wit and unmatched talents.

Elise's warm personality and kindness extended beyond the screen, making her a cherished figure in the lives of many. Colleagues like Chris Wragge and Tony Aiello, along with WCBS reporter Ali Bauman, spoke of Elise's love for music and the impact she had on their lives. Her presence brought smiles to everyone's faces, and her absence leaves an irreplaceable void.

New Yorkers, who relied on Elise's weather forecasts for years, also expressed their condolences and appreciation for her genius and dedication. As the city's meteorologist for over a decade, she touched the lives of thousands of households, and her absence will be deeply felt.

Elise Finch leaves behind a legacy of excellence, kindness, and passion for her work. Her impact on her family, friends, colleagues, and viewers will be forever remembered and cherished. As the meteorology world mourns the loss of a true talent, we extend our deepest sympathies to Graig, Grace, her parents, sister, and the entire CBS2 family.

Elise, we say goodbye with heavy hearts, knowing that heaven has gained an angel like no other. Your memory will forever live on in our hearts, and your contributions to the world of meteorology will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, dear friend.


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