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Dresses That Hide a Belly Bulge

by Kimberly Perez

Everybody is distinct when it comes to body shape and size, however, we all have one thing in common, we all want to look good and flaunt a perfect silhouette. It's very common to have some belly fat you'd like to hide, especially if you want to wear a tight-fitting dress. Here are some ways on how to hide belly fat in a tight dress (you can love your body and still wish to look your best.)


Select a dress in a style and fabric that makes you feel comfortable—online stores like Modcloth have a variety of options. If a dress is too tight that it makes you uncomfortable as you stand in the dressing room, it will only feel worse when you wear it out. Try on multiple dresses until you find one that feels good. Well-tailored dresses in structured fabrics can help to flatten curves. Avoid clingy fabrics or ill-fitting cuts, even if you like a particular dress style.

Darker colors are slimming because they hide wrinkles, bulges, and other indicators of fat. Opt for darker tones like black, navy, forest green, or burgundy. While dark colors make you look more fit, it doesn't mean you shouldn't wear pastel colors. You can wear beige, cream, pistachio, and pink tones as long as you keep the cut of the clothes in mind.


Pay attention to clothes with vertical stripes. The key to creating an illusion of a slimmer body is elongation. Vertical stripes or vertical design elements—like seam or color blocking—draw the eye up and down and make you appear tall and lean. The wider the stripe, the wider it can make you look—avoid wide, horizontal stripes. They draw the eye outward and can make you look wider than you are. If you do want to wear horizontal stripes, thin and narrowly spaced stripes have the most slimming effect.


Wearing the right and comfortable underwear is important when wearing skin-hugging dresses. If your undergarments are too tight, your skin and any excess fat will bulge out of the sides. If they are too large, they will create unnecessary folds and wrinkles.

Take full control of your tummy area and opt for seamless underwear. Even the skinny ones suffer from bloated stomachs and the last thing you want is for your low-rise underwear to highlight that part of your body you wish to hide. High-waisted cuts would keep rolls from showing and provide a smooth clean look under any dress or bottom. Just as you would with underwear, finding the right bra size will avoid any unnecessary lumps.

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Shapewear is like a magic wand in the world of fashion, it compresses fat, smooths lines, bulges, wrinkles, and can take inches off your waistline.

When choosing shapewear for a tight dress, choose a slimming bodysuit or slip-style option. Shapewear shorts with a high waist can roll down or shift while you walk, causing the belly fat to push out at the seams and create an unflattering look. Note that some waist trainers or corsets might help too, but shapewear will be less visible under your tight dress and are a better option at smoothing out your silhouette.

The compression around your tummy should not be uncomfortable even under a tight dress. Doctors have stated that there may be health risks associated with shapewear and very tight clothing, therefore make sure you feel comfortable in them.

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Layering is another technique that magically hides it all away, shifting the focus anywhere but your tummy. Layers that are unbuttoned give a significant effect making you look taller. Combinations like knee-length dresses and a cape; trousers with a shirt and blazer work pretty well to your advantage.

Wrap yourself in a fitted cardigan or tailored jacket. Choose a jacket that falls only about hip-length and is tailored to the waist. It sounds counterintuitive, but a tailored jacket actually draws the eye inward at the smallest part of your waist and makes you look thinner overall.

Avoid a bold-print jacket because it can draw the eye away from the jacket and toward your midsection. Solid colors are best for the slimming effect.


Wrap a belt or a sash high on the thinnest part of your waist. While you do not want to draw attention to your belly, most women carry that extra belly fat low. If you wear a complementary belt or sash up at the narrowest part of your waistline, it will highlight your slimmest area.

If you have a larger frame, opt for a wider belt, and if you are more petite, a thin belt is best.

To divert attention away from your midsection, frame your face with jewelry. Go bold with a big necklace and flashy earrings. You’ll want to choose a necklace that sits high around your collarbone to keep attention drawn upward. Avoid long-length and dangly pendants that will bounce off your belly as you walk.


Skin-tight dresses might not always be a great idea. Perhaps you just want to enjoy and let loose. We may not always want to limit our food and drink portions at a party and we should keep that in mind when choosing your dress for the event. It’s best to go with something that has a flow, bounce, and definition to it. Going with a more flowy style rather than a bodycon dress will allow you to have room for an extra bite or drink or two without leaving you breathless and uncomfortable.

A great way to hide the belly is to wear a trapezoidal or high-waisted dress without any tight spots- this way, you can wear more than just dark dresses and keep it interesting. A high-rise dress will make the line from the waist to the hips smooth as the sides won't be visible. Choose your dresses a little longer than the knee- midi lengths are always classy.


We’ve all seen the reality vs Instagram photos and it’s all about posture. Poor posture is proven to sag and loosen the abdomen muscles further and push all the belly fat together making it appear as though there is more fat than is actually present.

Walk with your chin up, shoulders back and relaxed, and the rear tucked in. Walking with too much of an S-shape can make you look heavier by exaggerating your curves. Aim to walk with the confidence and posture of a runway model by straightening your spine and relaxing your shoulders as much as you can.

Strut your stuff in heels to make your legs look longer and body thinner. This will draw the eye to your legs and your shoes and away from your midsection. Many women opt for solid color pumps to elongate their legs and create an overall thinner and taller appearance. Avoid chunky or thick heels as they can make your stride clunky and make it hard to walk with good posture. Walk with confidence girl!


Standing straight and wearing a dress with printed fabric might not be enough. Duct tape is not very comfortable and is not recommended as it causes skin irritation and lesions. While shapewear offers an instant solution, and exercise requires time and dedication, keep in mind that an active body equates to a more comfortable mindset. Accept, dress smart, work out, and have fun. That’s all I tell myself and you should, too. Learn to embrace your body, there’s no need in wishing you were something other than yourself.


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