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How to Make Money as a Man

by Riley Cook

Almost everyone wants to earn extra income, whether it’s because they have piled up debt or they just want to live a better life. There are certainly ways you can earn extra revenue.

For most men, it’s usually about their lifestyle—impressing a woman or providing for their family are the typical motivators. The first place most people go when they’re searching for ways to earn more money is YouTube, but did you know that most content creators on YouTube who claim to want to help you grow financially are merely using you to earn themselves more revenue?

Let me explain: the average YouTuber earns money from both ad views and video views once their channel becomes monetized. This means that whether or not you sit through the ads shown on their video, they can still earn revenue just by you viewing the video.

According to LinkedIn, the seven most profitable YouTube niches are: personal finance and investing, health and wellness, sustainable living, technology, travel, gaming, and personal development. Personal finance and investing is a top choice because money is what makes the world go around, and if you have that, then almost everything else will seem easy enough to navigate.

But when it comes to financial literacy, it’s not about gaining knowledge from YouTubers; it’s about gaining knowledge from people who have nothing to gain by sharing it with you. Did you know that in 2024, if you read one book per year, that means you would have read more than 46% of the population in the United States? That’s almost half!

Books are like a business card. Men and women in finance who are knowledgeable and want to help people are not going to live on YouTube; they are going to write a book where they go into detail on the various types of financial literacy and ways to earn money that do not involve instant gratification. The problem with trusting YouTubers is that they have not displayed any discipline to turn their ideas into something tangible—something that can generate delayed gratification.

Relying on something like YouTube to be the primary source of your income while teaching others to do the same is poor financial advice and a clear indicator that someone is not well-vested in the topic they’re covering. More than likely, they are falsifying the income shown on their thumbnails to get you to click, and remember, your views earn them revenue in addition to ads. So, what’s the solution?

You want to earn money for the long haul—delayed gratification trumps instant gratification. Money that is given time to compound and grow is always the best choice. Perhaps you have a 9-5 and are paid around $50,000 a year, which is around $39,369 after taxes. This grants you $757 a week, $3,028 a month. If you manage to save $200 a month in an interest-bearing savings account, you can accrue around $8 a month, which means in one year you’ll have earned an extra $104.40 in interest.

That is one way to earn extra revenue, and I know, you’re probably thinking, “What on earth is that? That’s not real money!” Well, it’s a start. Becoming rich or financially stable is not unattainable; it’s just a matter of understanding how money works and vibrationally aligning yourself to earning income. The key is discipline. Establishing yourself as an authority in any field will breed consistency, which will in turn breed results. You should not be complacent being a product for everyone else or a source of income for everyone while getting nothing in return.

Whether you’re viewing videos on YouTube, clocking in at a desk job, or doomscrolling on TikTok, you’re a product—someone is making money off of your existence, and you are just allowing it. Stocks, interest-bearing savings accounts, and becoming affiliated with brands you enjoy wearing are all ways you can go from being a product to an investor.

Now, let’s say you don’t have a desk job and you’re just needing some extra cash; there are unconventional ways to get started. Women nowadays are selling feet pictures online, joining OnlyFans, and much more. Well, the opportunity is available for men too. Places like Male Things Worn allow you to sell used men’s underwear, socks, and shoe pics. Again, this isn’t conventional, but it’s a starting point.

The only thing we need in life to accomplish our goals is a plan, and if you’re disciplined, anything and everything you’ve envisioned for yourself is just a click away. Stop helping everyone else turn a profit and step into the ring, enter the battlefield, and fight for your seat at the table. You have a place. YouTubers have an agenda when it comes to sharing their information, so log out of the app and do like they did pre-digital age: buy a newspaper, subscribe to a finance magazine where you only pay per year, and you get quality advice from trusted journalists.

The only way to make money is to stop being a product and start being an investor. Also, take a look into brands like LUEQ, which offer a revenue split when you’re not only a customer but also join in their DSP program. You can earn up to 30% back on all sales, plus tips from their high-end customers.

LUEQ offers three tiers for shoppers: Noir, Gris, and Jaune. Jaune label customers receive a DSP service that allows them to return their items to be dry cleaned and then dropped off at their residence at no additional cost—and you can earn cashback for participating. This cashback can be used towards your next purchase or paid out to you via check or PayPal. Whatever you do should work for you, not against you; that is how to make money as a man.


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