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Best Match for Leo Woman: Who Can Tame the Lioness Herself?

by Megan Sheckells

Every zodiac sign is unique, but Leo has a bold reputation. Leo women especially are considered to have a larger-than-life personality. But who is a good match for a regal leader type like the Leo woman?

Leo, which is known as the lion zodiac sign is attributed to those born from July 23- August 22. People born as Leo are a fire sign in astrology—which isn’t surprising, given their vibrant and bold nature as people.

Leo women can seem to be untamable because of their independence, but this doesn’t mean they are unable to find romantic relationships that are a good match for their qualities. Stina Garbis, who is a professional psychic and astrologer at (, said, “Leo, ruled by the sun, needs signs that help its fire grow brighter.” Garbis elaborated that Leos “will find great compatibility with the other fire signs that form a ‘trine’ with Leo—like Aries and Sagittarius—as fire and fire makes more fire!

Air makes fiery Leo grow hotter too, and you will find a harmonious aspect with Libra and Gemini.” Based on signs alone it seems that fire and air signs as Garbis mentioned above, are the ones who will easily help further ignite the fire of Leo.

With that being said, however, Garbis made it clear that earth and water signs do something of the opposite. So people with those signs are less likely to find compatibility with Leos. However, if you are an earth or water sign pining after a Leo or visa versa, all hope is not lost.

According to Astara Edwards Intuitive tarot reader and astrological advisor (who specializes in relationships and manifestation techniques), “When it comes to astrology, sun sign compatibility is key… but it isn’t the definitive factor in compatibility.” Edwards runs a YouTube channel called ASTARA TAROT.

Edwards goes on to elaborate that it’s important to consider more than sun signs in looking at compatibility. Edwards stated, “You have to consider how a sun sign works in combination with their own Venus sign, as it governs relationships of all kinds— love, family, friends.

Further to that, our Mars signs govern our assertive side— career, sex, drive, conflict. It’s important to consider these things in combination. It’s the reason why relationship horoscopes and compatibility lineups don’t always apply; they’re based on sun signs, which, while key, is an overview of one’s driving force.”

Astrology is a very complex concept so while it’s easy to chalk it up to the basics of what day of the year you were born, other factors apply. So now we have a good idea about what signs are typically seen as compatible, but what exactly does this all mean? What traits do these signs embody that make them a good or bad match for a Leo woman?

Celie Danes, who is a Leo woman herself, offered some key features about Leos and dating. She is also an avid astrology enthusiast and personality types specialist at Danes stated, “Judging by my personal experience, good matches aren’t easy to find for Leo women.

We tend to be very strong-willed and untamable, which can seem like a massive turn-off for many potential partners.” There’s that word again, untamable. I think a lot of people do believe this, and it seems to imply that Leo women just aren’t cut out for romantic relationships.

However, it’s not that simple, and the traits that make Leo women seem untamable to the wrong potential partner can easily be what makes them so amazing in the eyes of the right person.

Danes said, “Leo women need someone who challenges and inspires them, someone who will not try to take away their freedom and independence but rather encourage them to keep aiming higher and higher. They need someone who’s going to want to follow them on their crazy adventures and who will always be there to join in on the fun.”

So, it seems that Leo women just need someone willing to match their livelihood and not try to dampen or stamp out their flame. While Leos can tend to get something of a bad reputation among the zodiac signs, they are just as capable and deserving of love as anyone else.

As an earth sign myself, it seems only right to leave you with a closing statement from Danes who is a Leo woman. Danes states, “What a Leo woman truly desires is to feel connected and treasured by her partner and if that’s the case – she will be loyal till the end.”



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