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The She's SINGLE Brand — The Relationship Authority 


She's SINGLE is an inclusive platform that offers a diverse range of content for women, catering to members of the LGBTQ community, Hispanic, Caucasian, and African American communities. As a trusted confidante, She's SINGLE goes beyond being just a magazine, aiming to occupy a special place in the hearts of millions of women worldwide. Founded by the visionary African American author Lisa K. Stephenson, the brand celebrates and uplifts women, challenging the prevailing goal of overshadowing their brilliance.

She's SINGLE Magazine is on its way to becoming the foremost source for prestigious relationship advice, as well as a go-to fashion and beauty magazine for women. Its girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, engaging editorial lineup, and modern design make She's SINGLE the definitive voice of today's dynamic woman. Addressing a woman's spirit, heart, and unique concerns, SINGLE speaks directly to their lives.



At SHESSINGLEMAG.COM, we strive to be the ultimate online destination for women as they navigate the challenges of finding themselves before or after their relationships. Our platform serves as a daily source for women-related news, entertainment, and community, reflecting the intimate tone and approach of the esteemed SINGLE brand. Through engaging blogs, captivating photo galleries, original video programming, and a thriving online community, we aim to empower women, fostering a deep sense of community enriched by Jazz, Literature, Education, Art, and more. Our ultimate goal is to guide women in completing their self-assessment and becoming better nurturers to themselves and with time, their mates.

Where Women & Magic Meet!

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