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Where Sex & the City Meets Reality TV

Photography by: Franklin Liranzo | Makeup by: Rosario Mannella | Hair by: Gabby Cisneros | Styled by: Lisa K. Stephenson

Location: Zen Space Warehouse Loft

Mounting on the success of the women’s empowerment publication, “She’s SINGLE Magazine”, Relic is heading to the East Coast for its newest venture, “She’s SINGLE New York.” The series will follow five single women from New York City’s social elite – from teachers and technicians to sassy moms and women on the hunt for real love! As they juggle both business and personal endeavors, they’re doing it in high heels and miniskirts giving us an up-close and personal look at life in The City That Never Sleeps.


"She’s SINGLE New York” follows five pulchritudinous women as they date, work and travel, introducing us to their demanding careers, fast-paced social life, and the men who just can’t seem to get it right the first time around. These ambitious and nurturing women prove that they’re not just working-class women, but women ready to settle down and meet that special someone. But no one said finding love in the Big City was going to be easy.