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13 Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

by The Editors

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Can a woman really have...everything? Well, no. However, for those who are frugal, or maybe have just met a new young lady and want to impress her - whether for a birthday or just cause - we have you covered.

Editors here at She's SINGLE are always on the lookout for new products and items that every girl will no doubt go crazy for, because let's face it, not all women want to be single forever or celebrate milestones alone. Some women want to meet a great guy or gal who will make them a priority and invest in their budding relationship and celebratory moments.

Additionally, with our Editor in Chief celebrating her birthday this week, we thought it would be a great idea to include you, our readers by providing some amazing gifts below for your special someone - either platonic or romantic. The gifts here are inexpensive and if not, coupon codes are available for a limited time only on select items.

Frescobaldi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Retail: $39.99) - A unique emerald-green and robust extra virgin olive oil with authentic Tuscan aromas of freshly-mown grass and artichoke. Only the finest extra virgin olive oil is then selected to become Laudemio Frescobaldi.

This product will elevate any recipe calling for olive oil such as pasta, soups and meat dishes. A luxury brand that lives up to the hype Laudemio will be sure to make that lasting impression. Laudemio Frescobaldi can be easily purchased on Amazon and delivered right to your door so you taste the real Italy without having to leave your home!


AFRO Glam Collection (Carrie) Pink Pearls (Retail: $27.00) - This handmade decorated 16oz., Ceramic / Porcelain Coffee / Tea Bistro Cup is absolutely stunning! Handcrafted gems carefully placed around her beautiful afro. Your friends and family will be impressed with this glamorous cup. Accent stone may differ from the picture shown. Alicia Boateng Designs logo is permanently on the back of the cup (front logo is for picture purposes only).


Miena Robe (Retail: $68.00) - Developed with recovering breast cancer survivors in mind, this AnaOno classic delivers luxury, function and comfort. The perfect robe to throw on post-shower, while you’re getting ready to tackle the day or simply to cuddle up in on the couch in. The thoughtful design provides comfort and style for all, but is also makes the perfect gift for breast cancer survivors or anyone who has undergone breast augmentation surgery.


Comfy Christian Shirts - T-shirts are always great and flexible wear, inexpensive, and can be personalized according to her tastes. You can never have too many t-shirts. One addition to their wardrobe that will always be essential and they would surely appreciate is personally-printed t-shirt.


Kindly Yours Women's Sustainable Tailored Full Cup T-Shirt Bra (Retail: $13.87) - Cover yourself in kindness with our feel-good bra you can feel good about. This first-ever sustainable bra is made of recycled materials and comes in a variety of colors.

The full coverage bra pad is made from plant-based materials (it’s sugar cane) and enhances your natural shape. This tailored recycled micro bra also has straps and wing elastics that are made of recycled materials. With kindly, you never have to choose between function, planet or price.


Sleep Stone Mask (Retail: $54.00) ­ - A supremely comfortable, light-blocking and sound muffling satin sleep mask with a secret pocket to hold a crystal over the third eye chakra. With 4 natural and genuine sleep stone’s to choose from, each promotes a different purpose. Choose from Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Blue Lace Agate or Rose Quartz. Simply pull the pocket lining out of the mask, slip the crystal inside and then tuck the stone and pocket back into place!


Boy Shorts Underwear (Retail: $24.00/USD) - Boy shorts underwear give you full coverage and ultimate comfort. With a cozy fit that won’t ride up, our boy shorts underwear are perfect for wearing under dresses and skirts, around the house, or even on their own as activewear. Say goodbye to dreaded panty lines or excessive cheekiness with these hemp boy shorts.


Calming Crystal Bracelet Set (Retail: $36.00) -Wear the Calming Crystal Bracelet Set to bring peace into your day. The combination of these 4 crystal bracelets will bring their calming energies to you. Feel tranquil, at peace and focused throughout the day while you wear them as a set or separately. Made with authentic howlite, labradorite, amazonite and snow quartz.


Paper Clip Chain Bracelet (Retail: $54.00) - The paper clip chain bracelet is lightweight and delicate. This style is right on trend, yet timeless. "When we’re stuck in a loop of anxiety, it can be hard to remember that we have the tools to pull ourselves out. The affirmations engraved on our bracelets are inspired by cognitive-behavioral therapy. They are designed to help those who are stuck in a loop of anxiety to break the cycle of unproductive thinking and redirect their attention to the present moment." - Think Presently


Stacking Band (Retail: $2,100 CAD) - 18KT Rose Gold


New Couples Deck (Retail: $4.95) - 20 additional cards with people in new relationships in mind. Want to know as much about your partner as possible? We have you covered with some Better Topics to discuss, such as “what parts of how I think or who I am as a person do you like most?” or “how jealous do you think I am and what do you think triggers it most?”.


The Radiant Hardwired Straight (Retail: $250.00 - 2,500.00) -

  • Suitable for 1-2 full-size towels (folded)

  • Unit is hardwired (requires an electrician to install)

  • Plug-In version available

  • Designed to be on continuously (energy efficient design)

  • Heats with an internal cable

  • Mount in any orientation


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