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A Woman's Guide to Enjoying Beers (Even if You Think You Don't Like the Taste)

by Nadine Westwood

Are you someone who can't see what all the fuss is about beer?

Maybe you've only tried it once or twice and didn't enjoy the taste. That's perfectly okay. But bear in mind that not all beers are created equal. They come with a significant variety of flavors, aromas, and textures. So, you might find that you can enjoy drinking beer after all.

Try Different Beers

Begin your beer exploration by trying various types of beers. Doing this will help you discover that beers can exhibit diverse tastes ranging from bitter to sweet, fruity to floral, and light to heavy-bodied. There’s a whole spectrum of flavors out there for you to explore!

The World Beyond Lager

Most people's first experience with beer often involves lager-type beers which can sometimes seem plain or overly bitter. But remember that this isn’t reflective of all beers. Step outside this lager box and delve into the flavorful world of other types of beers like porters, stouts, and ales. You might be surprised to find that the flavors you discover bear little resemblance to your initial impressions of beer.

Light vs Dark Beers

You’ve probably heard of light and dark beers before, but what does this mean really? Contrary to common belief, lighter doesn’t necessarily mean milder or less flavorful. Similarly, dark beer isn't always stronger or richer in taste. The color simply reflects the type of malt used during the brewing process, so don’t let it discourage you from trying a variety of both light and dark beers.

Buy or Brew Fruit-Flavored Beers

If traditional beers aren’t catching your fancy, fruit-flavored beers might be an excellent alternative. Rather than being heavy on malted barley or hops, fruity beers offer fresh and vibrant fruit notes that could be appealing even if you're not a typical beer enthusiast. Indeed, if you find yourself loving fruit-flavored smoothie beers and decide to take things one step further, you could learn the art of brewing smoothie beers to make your own.

Pair Beers with Food

Enjoying beer doesn't only have to be about drinking it alone. Pairing it with different foods can create entirely new flavor experiences! Like different types of wine, certain styles of beer go better with specific types of food. For instance, a rich, hearty porter might complement a grilled steak nicely, while a crisp, light pilsner could be the perfect counterpoint to spicy Mexican cuisine.

Attend a Beer Festival or Tasting Event

Engaging with fellow beer enthusiasts can make your appreciation journey much more enriching. Many cities host beer festivals or tasting events where you can sample several different types in one location. As well as encountering new flavors, you’ll also get the opportunity to chat with brewers, meet like-minded individuals, and learn fun trivia.

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Enjoy the Experience

Above all, remember that enjoying beer should be a fun journey, not a daunting one. You might need to try numerous tastings to find the beer for you. But even sampling beers that aren’t to your taste can be an exciting part of the adventure. Take it slow, savor each sip, and cherish this unique journey as it unfolds.

Wrapping Up

Finding a beer that you love is all about trial and error. Rather than writing off the whole beverage category based on one or two not-so-great experiences, allow yourself to explore the diverse tastes hidden within those frothy suds. But you can also use your preferred tastes as starting points in your journey of exploration. There’s sure to be a brew out there somewhere that will make your taste buds sing!


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