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Being Bilingual Is Sexy - And Other Attractive Reasons to Learn a Second Language

by Nadine Westwood

Learning any new thing is often hard, but for many people, a new language may seem much harder than other things.

A new language usually means changing how you see things due to cultural influences. Some languages have similar ideas, but every language has its own way of looking at and describing things. For instance, many Eastern languages have a concerted system of defining things.

The Western languages, on the other hand, use abstract ideas and concepts. Whichever language you choose to learn, it can be an advantageous move in several ways.


A little more appeal has never hurt anyone, and learning a new language can have this effect. According to Reader's Digest, a study done on about 6000 singles, 93 percent preferred brain over brawn. Speaking another language was right at the top of the list of key markers of the brain.

Moreover, over three-quarters of people worldwide say that someone who speaks another language is more attractive. One of the key reasons why people find other people who speak multiple languages attractive is it shows the skill to communicate.


As mentioned earlier, learning other languages opens your mind to different world perspectives. Every language comes with various cultural ideas and beliefs among the people who speak that language. This means you need to have a good avenue to learn the language that helps you get to the gist of the culture.

One of the best ones is Lingoda which can help you gain confidence in your French speaking abilities. They use qualified tutors to teach you the most common phrases and linguistic nuances that native speakers use most commonly.

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While the largest advantage of learning a new language to a leader is expanding their communication skills, Other advantages also exist. Your mind is opened to concepts and viewpoints that are otherwise unavailable to you when you learn a new language.

You can analyze situations in an entirely new way thanks to fresh perspectives. It has also been demonstrated that learning a new language enhances multitasking and prioritization. You become a better leader as a result of these abilities because you can handle several projects at once. Additionally, by constantly having to analyze sentences, you develop analytical abilities that are very helpful when making decisions.


A second language may seem like a waste of time if you are not in a language-based industry, but it will set you ahead in a global economy. Many people have landed interviews ahead of other qualified people only because they can speak a foreign language.

In a global economy with businesses looking for clients in multiple countries, someone who can speak to prospective clients is especially valuable. You can rise above your peers by adding a new language certificate to your resume.


The discovery of new cuisine and visiting sights you may have only seen in movies is very fulfilling. However, you'll probably have more fun when you visit a new nation and speak the local language.

You can communicate with the locals more effectively and even learn about some of the city's secret attractions. This skill can be especially useful if you travel alone a lot. You can easily communicate and understand the locals and move around more easily.


A new language can also be learned purely for enjoyment. After a hard day's work, it is a fun activity to do at home while unwinding. It can be both calming and energizing to shift your mental focus and perspective.

The fascinating process of learning a language can be rewarding and productive, making it an excellent way to pass the time. Until you find what works, you can explore various options on YouTube for free. Learning a new language is all types of sexy and smart, and you can reap benefits for the rest of your life. You will be more attractive to people, and you can understand multiple cultures better.

You can gain skills that make you a better leader and also help you ascend the ladder in your place of work or career. Speaking the local language will help you as a traveler to have more fun when you are there. You can still get all these advantages even if you only do it as a hobby. Learning a new language has no drawbacks; it just requires some dedication.


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