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Gifts For Female Entrepreneurs

by Samara Morris

Photo by Anna Shvets

What is a female entrepreneur? A woman who organizes and manages an enterprise, especially a business. We can think of Oprah Winfrey, Tory Burch, and Denise Coates to name a few. Women have long been underrepresented in entrepreneurship, but the number of female entrepreneurs in the United States has grown more than 30% since 2007. According to, 57% of women business owners predicted their sales to rise in 2018 and beyond.

What are the characteristics of a good businesswoman? As the owner of a marketing and advertising print and digital business with nearly 19 employees and growing daily, Lisa K. Stephenson continues to break through the barriers of women entrepreneurs in the publishing industry.

Many other leading print publications you see today are owned largely by males, She’s SINGLE Media is 100% female-owned – the first of its kind spanning from print publishing to television productions and public relations. Being such a successful businesswoman, Lisa Stephenson shares tips and some of her highly recommended gifts for female entrepreneurs below:


You must take time each day to meditate, even for 30 minutes to an hour. This will help to not allow external thoughts or distractions to get in the way. “I have made this a habit, no screens one hour before bed and making sure to set an agenda for the next day. Also, for the first hour of each day I do not touch the phone,” says Lisa.

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Setting goals is one thing but tracking and monitoring them is just as important. When you manage your expectations you allow yourself the freedom to explore, re-evaluate and execute as you see fit. It is important to believe in yourself.




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When you do not ask for help you are doing yourself a disservice, especially in business, business owners are utilizing time and efforts that could have been focused elsewhere. No one can do it alone and while it is sometimes difficult to ask for help from your female counterparts, it is not impossible.


“I remember going to the family accountant when I was just twenty years old, completely ecstatic, and telling him about an idea I had for a clothing line. He laughed at me and told me I was going to fail. I had the website designed, the clothing ordered, my boyfriend was taking the photos in the shirts, and still, my accountant told me I was going to fail…and I did.

We laugh today. He is still the family accountant and the business accountant, and he’s astonished by how far I’ve come with a business net worth of over $550,000 in just two short years. I was told I was going to fail; I did and then I got back up and did something different.” – Lisa K. Stephenson. By fearing failure women do not leap into entrepreneurship. Fear is natural, but overcoming it is where the true power lies.


Staying committed allows female entrepreneurs to stay focused and determined. It allows women to not need approval or validation from others. When you are committed to your craft and determined to see it through you can overcome any obstacle. To become a great entrepreneur you have to remember that knowledge is not power, knowledge has the potential for power as we get the power by applying the knowledge. Choose a niche, remain committed, and believe in yourself before anyone else will.


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