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How Kratom Can Help Women Manage Stress

by Natalie, Sponsored Posts

Kratom is a herbal substance from a plant preparation that originated in Southeast Asia that has been used for several centuries for medical purposes and as a recreational drug. The use of kratom has been associated with fewer negative side effects than that of other psychoactive drugs.

Despite the absence of controlled clinical trials, many people have reported a decrease in the use of opioids and analgesics. These results have paved the way for further research into this plant. As a substitute for harmful substances, kratom can help women manage their stress and pain without causing negative side effects.

Lower Rate of Harm

A recent survey conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that white kratom capsules for women are likely to cause fewer negative effects than opioids. The study found that 91% of users took it to treat pain, and 67% used it to treat anxiety and depression. Fourteen percent reported using it for opioid withdrawal, and more than one-third reported not having used opioids for more than a year. It is still important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting a new treatment.

The study found that kratom users reported more substance use interventions than non-users. Participants reported a higher number of months in treatment programs. The study also found that kratom users were more likely to be white and middle-aged.

Safer Than Pills

Many opiate addicts and chronic pain sufferers are successfully using Kratom as a safe alternative to prescribed opiates. Outlawing kratom will likely result in more deaths, and the "opioid epidemic" will continue to grow exponentially. People will begin to lose faith in their traditional management methods.

Some believe that kratom is a drug of dependence and that the substance can cause withdrawal symptoms. However, this claim is not supported by empirical studies. In addition, the DEA has vowed to make kratom a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This makes it more difficult to obtain and more dangerous to obtain. Additionally, kratom is not widely available and has little regulation. This lack of oversight could make kratom dangerous for women.

Side Notes

Pregnant women are increasingly turning to kratom as a natural alternative to prescription opioid painkillers. Pregnancy-related opioid use is on the rise and opioid-addicted babies are a national health concern. Some women have used kratom to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms and pass drug tests. In a recent study, a pregnant woman took kratom daily to help her sleep.

The results of this study are preliminary and limited in scope. Self-reported surveys are often inconclusive and don't take into account all of the variables. The study also did not assess the safety of kratom, which is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Despite its seemingly promising therapeutic effects, more research is needed to determine if kratom is safe. Regardless of whether kratom is an effective natural alternative for stress management, it should not be prescribed to women without consulting a doctor.


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