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Lizzo's Former Dancers Criticize Her 'Dismissive' Response

by Venus Sanders

Lizzo's response to the lawsuit filed by her former dancers has ignited further controversy as Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez express their disappointment with the Grammy-winning singer's handling of the situation. In a statement issued through their attorney, Ron Zambrano, the dancers criticize Lizzo's denial of their claims and her apparent lack of empathy, stating that her response only adds to their emotional distress.

Image Credit: Steven Ferdman / Contributor / Getty Images

The lawsuit, filed earlier this week, alleges sexual harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct by Lizzo, her production company Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc., and dance captain Shirlene Quigley. The dancers claim that they were subjected to inappropriate behavior while touring with the singer, including being pressured to attend sex shows and participate in demeaning acts.

In response to the scandal, Lizzo took to social media to defend herself, stating that the allegations are unbelievable and outrageous. She appeared to place some blame on the plaintiffs, stating that they had already admitted to inappropriate behavior while working with her. Lizzo defended her passion, hard work, and high standards but denied being a villain and rejected the notion that she had weight-shamed her colleagues.

However, the dancers contend that Lizzo's response lacks accountability for her actions and minimizes the trauma they experienced. They express disappointment with the singer's attempt to portray herself as a victim and highlight her open sexuality as unrelated to the dancers' boundaries and choices.

The scandal has led to others in the industry coming forward with similar experiences while working with Lizzo. Dancer Courtney Hollinquest and Lizzo's former creative director, Quinn Whitney Wilson, have shared their own accounts supporting the dancers' claims. Additionally, Sophia Nahli Allison, who directed Lizzo's documentary "Love, Lizzo," claimed that she quit due to the singer's alleged arrogance and unkindness.

While some fans continue to support Lizzo, others argue that her response lacks accountability and sidesteps the issue of sexual harassment. The controversy surrounding the lawsuit has not only affected Lizzo's public image but also led to Beyoncé omitting her name from a song during a tour stop, although Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles, denied any connection to the lawsuit.

As the situation unfolds, the allegations against Lizzo continue to impact her reputation and raise broader discussions about workplace dynamics and accountability in the entertainment industry. The dancers' statement emphasizes the need for empathy, respect, and understanding in all professional settings.


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