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Making the Shift to a Standing Desk: How to Do It Right

by MotionGrey Partner, Sponsored Posts

Replacing your traditional fixed desk with a standing desk is one of the biggest and most impactful steps you can take to break from a sedentary lifestyle at work. Imagine cutting 8-9 hours of sitting time in half, little by little, and then building the habit of standing until you become more comfortable standing than sitting.

But why alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday? Well, a sedentary lifestyle at work characterized by long hours of sitting has been proven harmful to both physical and mental health. It negatively impacts a person’s work mindset, and it’s been found to be a risk factor linked to a variety of critical illnesses, including heart problems and diabetes.

By switching to a standing desk and building the habit of more standing at work, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Enjoy pain-free days—no more back pain and other body pains caused by prolonged sitting

  • Improve your posture—you can break the habit of slouching and hunching on your desk

  • Gain healthy circulation in your body—allowing blood and oxygen to flow freely so all body parts stay healthy

  • Be more productive and creative—keeping your brain at its optimum functioning level

  • Gain more energy—you can say goodbye to sleepy afternoons and slow days


To enjoy the different benefits mentioned above, it is important to remember that the road to standing more with a standing desk is a personal journey. You can’t rush it. To get the most benefits from your ergonomic desk and make the experience work for you in the long term, remember the following:


Don’t expect to be standing 50% of the time if it’s your first time doing it. Chances are, you’ll suffer from fatigue, discomfort, and distraction. This might even discourage you from continuing the journey. The best way to approach this is to start small, and then build your standing hours slowly over time. With the right pace, you’ll help your body acclimatize to a new habit, preparing your muscles for more work until standing more becomes natural and comfortable for you.


To get the most benefits from a standing desk, and a comfortable and enjoyable standing experience, make sure that you set the desk to the correct height. This means a height that will allow you to stand straight without extending your back muscles or straining your eyes too much to be able to work well, as well as a height that will allow your wrist and arms to rest comfortably on the desk surface. To get the correct height, set the desk in such a way that your elbow bends at, more or less, a 90-degree angle when you place your wrists and arms on the desk surface.


When you start standing more at work, alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day, you may have to limit the use of high heels. Being on heels while standing more can cause more strain on your leg muscles, leading to problems like leg fatigue and varicose veins. The solution? Take flat shoes with you at work, and then wear them while you’re working. This will make it easy for you to adjust to your new lifestyle, allowing you to build the habit of standing faster.


Once you’ve considered the benefits and decided that a standing desk is right for you, the next thing to do is to find the right desk. To do that, consider the following, especially if you're looking for a good value standing desk:

  • How tall are you? Find a desk that will be a good match for your height. Even better, look for one with a wide height range.

  • How much stuff do you need to place on the desk? Look for a desk with a weight capacity that is enough to support all the weight you need to put on it.

  • How much space do you have available? This will determine if you can get a regular desk, a large one, or even an L-shaped desk.

The MotionGrey Standing Desk is one of the best options available for you. It’s made from a high-quality steel frame paired with a sustainable and stylish desktop that is suitable for different types of working environments. Invest in the right desk and start living a healthier work lifestyle today.


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