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Maya Benberry, Former Partner of Travis Kelce, Raises Concerns About Athlete's New Relationship

by Danielle Wright

Maya Benberry, Travis Kelce's former girlfriend, has expressed skepticism about the authenticity of his new relationship with Taylor Swift. In a recent interview with "Inside Edition," the 31-year-old life coach raised questions about Kelce's increased media presence regarding their romance.

Travis Kelce Image Credit: Cooper Neill / Contributor / Getty Images

Benberry acknowledged the backlash she received after accidentally "liking" a comment that called Swift a "5" but clarified that she has no ill will towards the singer. She emphasized that she is a fan of Swift's music and does not have any negative feelings about her dating Kelce. However, Benberry made it clear that she had been with Kelce first.

Furthermore, Benberry refuted claims that she is jealous or bitter about Kelce moving on with Taylor Swift. She revealed that she and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end had been together for eight months, and during that time, they discussed a future together. Benberry believed they were in a serious relationship, as evidenced by meeting each other's parents and sharing keys to Kelce's penthouse.

Benberry also reiterated her accusation that Kelce had cheated on her, describing him as a "narcissist." She had previously hinted at his infidelity on social media when she found out about his next relationship. Kelce, however, never addressed her allegations publicly or privately.

While Kelce has not responded to Benberry's comments, a source told She's SINGLE that their relationship was brief, lasting less than three months. They were also contractually obligated not to announce their breakup, according to the source. The insider emphasized that Kelce has been in other public relationships where similar accusations were not made.

In recent developments, Taylor Swift was seen leaving Kelce's Kansas City home with his family before attending his football game against the Chicago Bears. She sat next to Kelce's mother, Donna, during the game and later joined the Super Bowl champion and his teammates at an afterparty, where they appeared affectionate. Swift returned home on her private jet a few days later.

Maya Benberry's comments highlight the complexities of public relationships and the scrutiny that can come with them, especially when high-profile figures are involved. It remains to be seen how Kelce and Swift's relationship will evolve in the public eye.


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