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Miami Beach Gears Up to Celebrate 16th Annual Pride Festival

by Venus Sanders

Miami Beach, renowned as one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly destinations worldwide, is all set to embrace travelers from all walks of life for the much-anticipated Miami Beach Pride celebration. With its 16th year milestone approaching, the city is gearing up to host an array of activities and experiences, showcasing its unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.

From captivating rooftop cinema screenings to the iconic Sunday Parade featuring illustrious figures like Billy Porter, Lisa Rinna, and Max Fenning, Miami Beach is poised to spread love and commemorate its journey as an LGBTQ+ haven. This event stands as a testament to the city's commitment to inclusivity and equality, drawing visitors from far and wide to partake in the festivities.

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Peggy Benua, Chairwoman of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA), expressed enthusiasm about welcoming the community to celebrate this significant occasion. She emphasized the city's year-round dedication to supporting the LGBTQ+ community through tailored programming and experiences.

In the lead-up to the Pride Parade on April 14th, Miami Beach has planned a series of events, including a Social Justice, Health, and Wellness Evening at O Cinema South Beach and the VIP Beach Affair at Lummus Park. The festival celebrations over two days promise a vibrant atmosphere filled with star-studded performances and opportunities for community engagement.

Grisette Marcos, Executive Director of the MBVCA, highlighted the availability of customized LGBTQ+ itineraries year-round through the Miami Beach EXP Tours App. These curated recommendations, selected by local LGBTQ+ leaders, offer visitors a comprehensive guide to exploring the city's LGBTQ+ scene.

For those eager to join the celebration and plan future LGBTQ+ experiences in Miami Beach, the newly-launched EXP Miami Beach Tours App is now available for download on both Apple and Google platforms. Stay updated by following @experiencemiambeach on Instagram and visit the Miami Beach Pride website for a full list of programming.

As Miami Beach gears up to paint the town with rainbow colors, it reaffirms its commitment to being a beacon of acceptance, diversity, and celebration for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.


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