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Pitching Your Products: To Send or NOT to Send

by Sharon Sharpe

Photography by Godisable

So you want to pitch your product to our editors? No problem.

Here is an in depth guide on how to guarantee your product or service placement in our publication, both online and print. When committing to a PR campaign, you have to understand a few rules: consistency, time and having the right tools. It is not uncommon for business owners to send unsolicited product samples to our editors, however, any unsolicited material will more than likely end up with an intern or journalist and NOT an editor.

Requesting samples is done for a number of reasons, here at She’s SINGLE Magazine we will not back a product that does not align with our beat, and have not used or seen in person. Quality is everything and with our name on the line our backing of a product should be 100% authentic.

Advertisers and branded content campaigns fall under a different scope and while we do look to sample those products as well, we do present them in a different light utilizing a different space. This makes it easy for readers to distinguish between the two.

Samples sent to our art department for gift guides, photoshoots or review will not be returned. Here are a few key factors for getting your products featured in our publication. In other words, do send, but a word to the wise...

1. Don’t send anything unless requested! Blind sample submitting are often times returned unopened, or simply lost in the editorial abyss.

2. Run like the wind. As soon as a sample request comes over, make it a priority and send ASAP. Efficiency will win you points with an editorial department.

3. More is not better. Never, ever, throw in a bunch of additional items you think the editor might like. Often times, this is more work for the returns department and is quick to piss off the editor.

People are attracted to us and our brand due to our honesty, authenticity and of course, our mission. The enthusiasm from an editor singing the praises of your product is a GREAT way to increase sales, this is far better than landing a spot just because a space needed to be filled. 9/10 readers will simply turn the page and not think twice about your product.

Another way to surely land a space in our publication is, advertise!

Don't you want your very own gold stars? :-)