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Tricks to Pair Your Statement Necklace with Stunning Earrings

by WhitePress

A good statement necklace can create a completely different look. Your simple outfit can become elegant with just the addition of a bold and beautiful statement piece. People often create different looks with these necklaces, but an earring set also plays a crucial role in balancing and maintaining the overall look.

Statement necklaces have become a fashion trend these days. But just like you pair lipstick with your outfit, a women’s necklace also needs the right earrings to complete the look. A perfect pair of earrings helps you create a balanced appearance, but the wrong choice can leave you feeling overwhelmed or mismatched. This guide will help you with some tips and tricks to pair your statement necklaces with earrings.


Pairing your statement necklaces with earrings needs balance to create that perfect look. Since your necklace is already making a statement, your earrings should play a supporting role. Both pieces should be noticed but not overpower each other.

This means you can opt for smaller, more delicate earrings, like dainty studs, simple hoops, or minimalist danglers. For example, a pearl choker necklace with a beautiful pendant can be paired perfectly with simple pearl studs for any occasion. They will complement each other without competing for attention.


Matching your necklace and earrings isn’t always necessary. The main focus should be on how they interact with each other. A statement necklace with geometric shapes like squares or triangles can be beautifully paired with softer, round shapes. This will create a balanced look without being overwhelming. On the other hand, a statement necklace with a floral motif could be beautifully combined with teardrop or chandelier earrings that mimic floral shapes in a subtler way.


If your statement necklace has a vivid color, you can choose earrings that complement or contrast. Complementary colors, like pairing a rose gold necklace with a set of earrings that has a similar color tone, can create a matching look. For example, a statement necklace with turquoise beads or pendant could be paired with turquoise drop earrings. This will create a color connection to pull the whole look together.


The materials used in women’s necklaces and earrings can sometimes be different, but matching them is the ultimate goal. A gold statement necklace with chain links can be paired with gold studs or hoops. However, if your necklace has mixed metals or colorful gemstones, use the color as a guide for your earrings. This will help you create an overall cohesive look that is also stylish.


When wearing your statement necklace, it is recommended to consider your neckline and the length of your earrings. If you are wearing high necklines, like turtlenecks or crewnecks, select shorter earrings to avoid overpowering the upper part of your body. Alternatively, plunging necklines or off-the-shoulder tops can be paired with slightly longer dangle earrings to fill the empty space and complement the openness of your neckline.


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