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6 Korean Brands Taking Over the Fashion World

by Rebecca Lee, Sponsored Posts

Korean fashion is making significant strides as it emerges as a powerful contender on the global fashion stage.

Internationally acclaimed Fashion Weeks in New York and Paris are featuring an increasing number of South Korean designers, with Seoul Fashion Week itself escalating every year. So why is everyone flocking to Korean-made designs?

What makes them different? And which labels do you need to keep an eye on? In this guide, we’ll share some up-and-coming brands you might want to bookmark. We’ll also explore the reasons why Korean brands are making waves in fashion around the world.


Founded in 2010 by An Jong Hyuk during his college years in South Korea, places timeless quality at the forefront of the brand’s iconic outdoor menswear. Their classic cuts, top-quality fabrics, and understated yet elegant color palettes combine the best of vintage Americana staples with modern Korean street style. They champion functionality and attention to detail, with An stating that the brand, “...does not use fancy details or colorful colors; we design a stable silhouette with witty details in it.”

Frizmworks embodies casual modern aesthetics at its finest, and the brand is quickly becoming a household name for minimalist design enthusiasts around the world.


The creative masterminds behind the brand, fearlessly unite their backgrounds, from architecture to graphic design, to create sartorial magic in their Seoul-based studio. Dunst collections appeal to anyone with an eye for the simple, casual elegance of minimalist everyday wear. They’re so easy to mix and match that it’s no wonder they are becoming so well-loved within trendsetting fashion circles.

Their classic button-down shirts, check midi skirts, and slacks are easy to wear and define understated, comfortable chic. If you want to add a touch of refinement to your daily wardrobe essentials, look no further, see more Dunst clothing here.


Euijae Lee takes good design and marries it with his love for the outdoors in his brand CAYL, or ‘Climb As You Like.’ Through his adventures in climbing, trail running, and hiking the mountainous landscapes that cover approximately 70% of the South Korean peninsula, Lee noticed a gap in the market. Where were the high-quality technical pieces that could fulfill the needs of people in the outdoors community, whether they were beginners or trail experts? Thus, CAYL was born.

Products like CAYL’s iconic grid bags and nylon jackets are carefully crafted by Korean makers. They are built to withstand any scenario in comfort and style, no matter how rough the weather report reads. Designed with practicality in mind, the built-in features, such as loops, zip expansion panels, and built-in belts for gear, can take you easily from one mountain to another on your next adventure.


This Seoul-born brand focuses on everyday styles for men and women, with their active and leisurewear pulling inspiration from outdoors and military styles.

Anglan’s balloon-shaped silhouettes mark their distinct voice in the field of classic wardrobe staples. They truly understand the importance of cut, with their specialty in tailoring wide shapes that create a casual and relaxed drape in their designs. If your style leans towards clean and effortless, Anglan has got you covered.


The menswear brand Eastlogue has its roots in Seoul, where it was founded in 2011 by Dongki Lee. It pulls together ‘East’ and ‘-Logue’ in a way that “reflects our passion for reinterpreting clothing from all corners of the globe” to craft a unique narrative of their own. This brand ethos echoes Eastlogue’s mission to both honor and reinvent classic sportswear for modern lifestyles.

In this vein, the brand’s loyal following is drawn to its flair for combining vintage military pieces with traditional sportswear. Their meticulously crafted range of button-downs, T-shirts, and jackets reflects Eastlogue’s commitment to honoring timeless design, premium local craftsmanship, and modern silhouettes. This has earned them a growing reputation in the fashion world both at home in Korea and abroad.


Nothing Written hails from Seoul, South Korea, and is designed to suit daily life for the modern woman. Their collection of wardrobe staples and accessories is a hit with those who enjoy subdued, earthy palettes and sleek silhouettes. Tailoring and fabric construction lie at the heart of Nothing Written’s vision. Each piece is lovingly created in Korea, by makers dedicated to achieving the highest standards across each delicately detailed item.

Korea is renowned for streamlined shapes and clean minimalist designs, which has made K-fashion popular around the world. With Nothing Written’s ready-to-wear line of soft buffed leather bags and gorgeous paper/bamboo blended clothing, their approach is the perfect example of this.


The Allure of Understated Elegance

Over the last decade, Korean designers have mastered the ability to weave understated elegance with modern minimalism. They excel at blending inspiration from various sources, including urban streetwear, hiking gear, and vintage Americana, making it seem effortless. Many brands also prioritize quality construction, with local creators and craftspeople at the helm of production.

Put simply, Korean fashion favors clean lines, neutral color schemes, and classic shapes. These versatile pieces and timeless silhouettes characterize the chic style that suits any occasion.

Attention to Detail and Quality

Contemporary brands such as CAYL and Dunst showcase the love for quality, structure, and form that shines through the Korean aesthetic. Precise stitching, durable materials, and careful garment construction mean that Korean fashion brands consistently deliver on their commitment to quality. This is echoed by changemakers across multiple industries. Seoul-born entrepreneur Alice Chun, for example, cites her mother’s lessons on sewing and origami folds as the impetus for her own love of structural design.

The emphasis is on fewer but better quality items that will carry their owner through several eras of their life. It reflects the shift towards sustainable fashion in the international market and piques interest from abroad.

The Rise of Korean Fashion Icons

Korean content has exploded onto the global stage with the viral success of hits such as "Parasite" and "Squid Game." Thanks to platforms like Netflix, it’s now easier than ever for non-Korean speakers to access K-content with multi-language subtitles and dubovers. Growing fan bases mean one thing - increased demand! More people have eyes on sartorial trends championed by their favorite Korean actors, singers, models, and designers.

Seoul Fashion Week itself is growing in prominence with its 2023 A/W run slated a month earlier than usual. This way, it would position itself earlier in the year than its American and European counterparts. The decision was meant to drive overseas attendance and cater to the surge in demand for K-fashion. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before Korean brands establish themselves as global household names.

High quality, minimalism, and attention to detail - these are the hallmarks of modern Korean fashion. Korean designers are also known for their distinct mastery of innovating the classics and have built a reputation for supporting local makers.

Their global renown for innovative yet timeless and sustainable styles means that Korean designers are setting new standards in the international fashion landscape. Whether you’re a committed fashion aficionado or simply looking to refresh your wardrobe staples, keep an eye on Korean brands. They are leading the world with minimalist masterpieces and an unwavering dedication to fashion excellence.


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