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Adele Shares Backstage Health Struggle During Las Vegas Residency

by Venus Sanders & Riley Cook

Adele has candidly shared a distressing incident involving a severe sciatica attack that left her collapsing backstage during her Las Vegas residency. The 35-year-old singer-songwriter discussed her ongoing struggle with chronic back pain, explaining that her condition had reached a point where her body had to be physically lifted from the floor due to the intensity of the attack.

Image Credit: Gareth Cattermole / Staff / Getty Images

During a recent concert, Adele acknowledged her chronic back pain, announcing her intention to take a moment to sit down and alleviate the discomfort caused by her sciatica. She then proceeded to recount a recent episode of sciatica that had left her incapacitated, emphasizing that the severity of the pain was such that she had to be lifted off the ground by others.

Sciatica, a condition that arises from pressure on the sciatic nerve due to factors like herniated disks, is known for causing excruciating pain. Adele's candid admission shed light on the physical toll such attacks can have, particularly for individuals in the spotlight. This revelation was made during her performance at Caesars Palace, where she engaged with the audience and shared her personal experiences.

Reflecting on her challenges, Adele also referenced a past show where she joked about her back pain while playfully interacting with the crowd by firing T-shirts into the audience using a handheld cannon. Her lighthearted remark about having to "waddle" on stage due to the severity of her sciatica highlighted her ability to use humor to cope with her discomfort.

Despite her openness about her condition, Adele has not disclosed the specific cause of her sciatica or when it first began to affect her. The Grammy-winning artist's recent disclosure sheds light on the physical toll that performing and touring can take on musicians, particularly those dealing with chronic health issues.

Image Credit: CBS Photo Archive / Contributor / Getty Images

During the same concert, Adele showcased her assertive side by addressing a security guard who seemed to be hassling a young fan in the audience. Interrupting her performance of "Water Under The Bridge," she spoke out against the mistreatment she observed and asked the security personnel to leave the fan alone. Her actions resonated with the audience, who cheered in support of her stance. Adele further assured the young fan that they would not face further harassment during the show.

This incident demonstrated Adele's commitment to ensuring a positive and respectful concert experience for her fans. She expressed her frustration at the lack of proper concert etiquette, where attendees have been increasingly throwing objects onto the stage. In a recent show, she directly challenged those considering such behavior, using strong language to make her point clear. Her message was a response to a trend of artists being targeted by thrown items, including cell phones, unconventional props, and even human ashes during their performances.

Adele's recent revelations highlight the importance of open conversations about health challenges and the determination to create a safe and respectful environment for both performers and their audiences. Her willingness to address uncomfortable topics not only sheds light on the realities of her career but also serves as a reminder that artists, despite their fame, are still vulnerable to health issues and deserve respect during their performances.


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