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Beyoncé Performs In Dubai: An Artist Ever Evolving

by Venus Sanders

I am just going to say it, Beyoncé is the greatest performer of our generation.

Sure, it’s been said many times, but it’s also been said that she is overrated. For the first time since 2019 – not counting the Oscars last year which was also an incredible performance – Beyoncé took the stage to give a one-hour concert in Dubai.

The luxury hotel, Atlantis The Royal spared no expense when it came to booking the Queen Bee herself, leaving many to speculate the amount she took home. Some reported 24 million, others reported 35 million, and a breakdown of Beyoncé earning $280,000/per minute. Either way you put it the price was not high enough in my humble opinion.

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Beyoncé performed a medley of her hits such as: “Crazy In Love,” “Freedom,” “Spirit,” “Be Alive,” “Beautiful Liar,” “Brown Skin Girl,” and “Naughty Girl.” No phones were allowed, but of course, in true human fashion, the rules were broken. But here’s my take, it was done on purpose. I mean, Beyoncé is very calculated and does not miss a beat. Fans also noticed that she did not perform singles from her newest album, Renaissance. So, could she be preparing us for what to expect?

Did You Know?

The Lebanese Dance Group who won last year’s season of America’s Got Talent joined the globally renowned superstar Beyoncé during her show on Saturday.

Beyoncé was reportedly recovering from foot surgery before her private show which explains the kitten heels and the limited dance moves she performed.

Now, let’s talk about where the singer laid her head…Beyoncé stayed at Atlantis The Royal’s most expensive suite, averaging about $100,000/per night USD. The beautiful, luxurious suite is spread across 11,000 square feet. The four-bedroom mansion allotted to the global superstar has all the amenities in the world.

Beyoncé is an undisputed artist and no doubt has proven this time and time again. She is a master of her craft. The naysayers can deny everything, except her voice—the Arabic scales, oh come on. If you know, you know!

Beyoncé has grown as an artist; we can hear the maturity of her vocals and the new skills she’s developed through hard work and vocal training/studying. We hate to say it, but while there are many other wonderful singers it does not seem like anyone quite compares to Beyoncé, today. Her vocals are stronger, belting eloquent notes and rifts that you can simply close your eyes and listen to without interruption.

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The superstar is giving us everything she has; how can we not take a moment to appreciate it? From her music to her talent, stage presence, choreography, storytelling, costumes…and so much more. Beyoncé is not overrated; she has earned her crown and it is cemented. There is no coming for the throne. It would be fantastic, of course, if other artists were as meticulous with their performances, it would take some of the pressure off of her.

But unfortunately, that is not the case. Most artists do not wish to spare the expense of hiring quality backup singers and dancers, building out entire set pieces, and telling a story through their act. Even if they use pre-recorded vocals, they don’t want to go in beforehand to lay down the vocals so they can be more active on stage—that says a lot. This is entirely where Beyoncé stands out from the rest and this should be noted.

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We’ve seen artists limp around on stage, get carried around by their male back up dancers, have little to no stage presence, or simply stand there and let the music play in the background and don’t even get me started on the lazy lip-synching.

This moment is not to bash others while uplifting the Queen herself, no. I am simply pointing out the major differences between Beyoncé and other artists who are still performing today. She is the blueprint and respect should be given where it is due.

What’s your take on the performance and will you be seeing the Queen herself on tour this summer? Many fans from TikTok are already preparing and I am right along with them.


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