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Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

by Molly Cohen

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Dressing trendy doesn’t have to come at a price. Although fast fashion is inexpensive and easy to get your hands on, it’s not ethical and poses huge amounts of risks. Fast fashion not only exhausts the Earth's resources, but it also puts tons of workers at harm every year with the power of slave labor. However, ethical shopping doesn’t have to be difficult. More and more ethical brands have made their clothing easier to get your hands on and more affordable to purchase. You don’t have to pay more to buy clothing ethically. We have the rundown on some of the best ethical and sustainable clothing brands so you can feel good about where you shop from:

The Girlfriend Collective

Photo by The Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective offers a line of women’s activewear that is ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Their company features full transparency with their customers and personally choose all their raw materials and facilities they partner with. Their brand promotes inclusivity and diversity, offering sizes from an XXS through 6XL. Their activewear line includes bras, leggings, shorts, tanks, and so much more. They use recycled materials like water bottles and fishing nets. Their packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable. Not only is their activewear super cute, but it's affordable too and good for the planet.

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Photo by Reformation

Reformation is a sustainable brand of women’s clothing that offers styles that aren’t just trendy and fashion-forward, but eco-friendly as well. Their products are made from upcycled materials and all their buildings are green to minimize water and waste. They offer inclusive sizes, ranging from XXS to 3X. The company is based in Los Angeles and operates in a fair wage environment. Reformation is known for the amazing quality and fit of their jeans. Their dedication to sustainable fashion is vast, and they have prided themselves on educating their customers and investing in their workers.


Photo by Victor Cayke from Pexels

Levi’s ethically produces women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel. They engage in eco-friendly and sustainable practices to produce top-notch quality clothing. Their size range is XXS through an XXL. Their denim is known all around the world. They use recyclable denim and ethically sourced materials. The company is devoted to collaborating with suppliers that maintain safe working conditions and improve the lives of apparel workers. The company is also known for giving back and being charitable with its proceeds.

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Photo by Whimsy+Row

Whimsy + Row is an eco-conscious women’s apparel brand based in California. They produce sustainable and ethical high-quality clothing in limited batches. Their factories operate only a few miles from their offices and are committed to fair wages and safe working conditions. Whimsy + Row uses locally-sourced resources and up-cycled materials. Their pieces are stylish and flirty, making the most out of waste material.

MATE The Label

Photo by MATE The Label

MATE The Label is an ethically-made company based in Los Angeles. They use eco-packaging, 100% organic cotton, and non-toxic, low-impact dyes. Their brand strives for sustainability and supporting a healthier environment by being conscientious and aware of their carbon footprint. They have great quality essentials and statement pieces made from natural materials. Their products include tops, bottoms, dresses, and the comfiest sleepwear sets.


Photo by Sotela

Sotela is an ethically-made women’s apparel brand based in California. They use eco-friendly fabrics and recycled packaging. Their brand features inclusive sizing from a 0 through a size 30. Sotela offers great fitting apparel that is also flexible. Women’s bodies are constantly changing, whether it's bloating, losing weight, or pregnant, Sotela understands this and makes sure their clothing reflects and transforms with these fluctuations. Their brand is made by women for women.

Back Beat Co.

Photo by Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. is an ethically and sustainably produced women’s apparel brand. Based in California, they use 100% recycled and compostable packaging and certified organic cotton. They make amazing quality staples that are perfect to add to anyone’s wardrobe. They collaborate with small, family-owned businesses and strive to keep their environmental footprint low. Their sizes range from an XS to an XXL and are known for their sweaters and trendy jumpsuits; they use the highest quality fabrics. They even have produced their own line of sustainable masks to help you not only be fashion-forward but safe and healthy as well.


Photo by Cuyana

Cuyana creates sustainable and ethical fashion for the minimalist woman. Their fashion is chic and timeless, providing classic staples for your wardrobe. Their brand is based in California and ranges from a size XS to XL, which is a US 16. Cuyana has put in place their Lean Close initiative, which allows you to donate clothing to women in need and return it, which will give you credit towards your next purchase. Their motto is, "Keep it in your closet and out of the landfill.”

Don’t sell yourself short and buy fast fashion just because it's inexpensive or more convenient. There are affordable brands that practice ethical and sustainable fashion. Feel good about the clothing you wear and the impact you’re making on the environment through the purchase of your clothing. Fast fashion isn’t the answer to getting your hands on trendy clothing. Make sure to check out one of these brands the next time you find yourself looking for an ethical fashion.

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