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Benefits of Being Verified On Instagram

by Danielle Wright

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Branded | TikTok | LinkedIn

Like so many others I spend a good portion of my time on social media. And just like many others, sometimes I regret it. The time I’ve spent scrolling through timelines, shopping, and chatting away in a DM or replying to a comment could very much be spent elsewhere. Even when I am at work I can’t help but scroll when the computer screen is loading or I am tasked with helping my co-worker come up with ideas for content. I get distracted. My mind goes to another place and this is for me, an unverified person, a complete nobody, just a regular gal at age twenty-three working as a junior editor for She’s SINGLE Magazine.

But what of those who do have that little blue checkmark next to their names…what is a day like? Are they spending way more time on social media than someone like you and me? Could be. Verified badges are exclusive for celebrities, public figures, or global brands.

Being verified means your company is a big deal because it's important enough to risk impersonation. But with the badge of Instagram, must come great responsibility, no? This is because verified profiles appear towards the top of the search and suggested accounts. Of course, this can lead to massive brand awareness and up your follower count, but doesn’t that also mean the more followers the more pressure to have quality engaging content? I would think so.

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We asked a few people about the benefits of having a verified account and we loved their responses, mostly because, we kind of figured as much. Mandy Hale is a blogger turned New York Times bestselling author and speaker, she says, “People tend to take you more seriously.

For example, when I reach out to celebrities or other public figures to request to interview them for my blog or ask them to endorse one of my books, I am far more likely to get a response,” she also mentions, “It’s just a lot of FUN. Verified accounts tend to more regularly acknowledge other verified accounts and when one of my celebrity crushes like Justin Timberlake or Milo Ventimiglia or Matt Bomer follows me back or likes one of my makes my entire year.”

But Instagram isn’t the only place where verified badges are a symbol of increased significance and popularity—apps like Twitter, YouTube, Branded, TikTok and Facebook are all right on board. Verified Twitter account Fuse TV can easily promote their show, Sex Sells on their verified account followed by 152k users. The verification badge has now become a sign of status. You’ve done something worth talking about and protecting from impersonation and the world should see you as worthy.

Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, founder of Caliwater, the popular cactus water beverage have experienced great success over the years – from her acting career to entrepreneurship. No doubt having multiple verified accounts can increase your status tenfold and thus another benefit. If you’re an actor or actress and Instagram has you verified already this means you can launch a product or business and have that verified, too. But then we wonder, how much time must someone invest into keeping up with their accounts when the masses are looking to them as worthy?

Some celebrities have been known for destroying our self-esteem and mental health – however, they are not solely responsible for this because we have to take accountability for the things we choose to consume. But most bombard their followers with photoshopped images that are so far from reality that can sow seeds of doubt in some people’s minds, leading them to strive for an unrealistic body image.

So while some may be hoping and wishing for a verification badge from Instagram, the question maybe, why? What are you promoting? Is a badge necessary for your specific area of business? Probably. Because as Mandy pointed out it can make her job a bit easier. That is a true benefit.

Brands like Echo Neon offers a new way of looking at stylish and unique neon signs, and although they are not verified at this time, are the [first] manufacturer of custom LED neon signs in the United States, and look to be the best every day.

We also heard from Outreach Manager, Clare Jones from Custom Neon, a global manufacturer and retailer of custom-designed LED neon lights and signs. She said, “We are verified on Instagram, but boy it was a mission! We think it adds an additional trust factor to our brand, so our customers can shop with confidence.”

I believe this to be true as a consumer. For brands having a verification badge is so important. I would rather shop from a verified brand than one that is not for this very reason. Verified brands and businesses make sense and we hope to continue to see the growth of this in the years to come.

Happy Instagramming.


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